All the ventures pitching for Kwese’s #GoGetters $100,000 entrepreneurship prize

Kwese held finals of the #GoGettaz entrepreneurship competition in Nairobi, Kenya where 12 ventures pitched to a panel of judges and a live audience for a chance to take home $100,000 investments and a 2-week mentorship with Econet Global founder, Strive Masiyiwa.

The top 12 finalists consist of both for-profit and not-for-profit businesses in six African countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Only two top ventures will receive the $200,000 in seed funding.

See below the ventures; founded by Abisola Akindeinde, from Ogun state, Nigeria. A graduate of Art history and Art education from the University of Nigeria, she has been teaching Art in schools especially the Primary section for nine years now, as well as makes her own Crafts. Due to her passion to increase creativity and beauty in her society, Abisola also volunteers as an art educator at short term programs and events.

Her passion for selling art and artistic creations, as well as selling creative materials, grew even more when she was faced with the challenge of accessing the craft materials and tools needed for her creative interest back in 2011.

She soon realized that there are many people experiencing this same challenge. From this was born, with the aim to make art and creative materials and costumes easily accessible for everyone’s creative drive. Abisola believes that when people have easy access to what drives their creativity, they become more productive and skillful.
Zeldot is an innovative e-commerce platform for selling all arts & crafts related products – from the raw materials to the finished creative works made by people.

Zeldot was born out of the passion to meet the needs of people (Artists, Crafts, Art enthusiast, students etc) in Nigeria and to spur people’s aesthetic creativity, while providing a market for emerging artists and craft persons and ultimately creating new trends in the society.

Agromarketplace by Bankole Emmanuel Olalekan Nigeria. The platform is an online/offline agricultural commodities marketplace; logistics, supply chain company; and mobile-web marketplace.

Agromarketplace provides farmers, conventional markets, food vendors, agro-traders, boarding schools, institutions, exporters, food companies, hotels, restaurants and consumers with easy online shopping, agricultural supply chain technology and doorstep delivery services. They source, package and deliver (retail and bulk supply) fresh farm produce, foodstuff and agricultural commodities in a clean and hygienic manner. Bankole is also the co-founder of Agribusiness Enterprise Academy, the #1 online-offline practical agribusiness academy in Africa.

Bankole is a social entrepreneur, astute researcher and PhD student of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology with over 9 years’ experience and unmatched knowledge in agribusiness and technology integration. He has earned numerous leadership and entrepreneurship accolades, including a fellow of Africa Managers Initiative, alumnus of Tony Elumelu Foundation, PAN-African University and FATE Foundation.

Olalekan leverages on Agribusiness and technology to solve hunger, youth unemployment and the poverty menace in Africa. He is also company Director of United Multi-Agro Export Limited. Agromarketplace Nigeria Limited has three subsidiaries;, AgroHub-Initiatives and Agro-Enterprise Hub. This hub has trained 400 youths and rural women in agribusiness opportunities in 3 years.

Olalekan is convinced that integrating agribusiness and ICT is the future solution to massive unemployment ravaging Africa.Their customers are mainly busy, mobile people in urban areas. These people crave fresh food and agro commodities but the irony is they don’t have access to them. Over 1billion tons of food which constitutes of over 70% fresh farm produce got spoilt on the farm before it gets to these customers. Agromarketplace wants to solve this unhealthy puzzle.The mission is to transform the narrative of agricultural sector and food security in Africa.

Agromarketplace targets both local and international markets, and its mantra is to quickly pickup fresh farm produce from the farms and supply to customers’ doorsteps without passing through the rigorous stretch of open markets, bad weather and longevity.

Blessing Machiya Zimbabwe, founded Shumbakadzi Investments which supplies dried meat and vegetables to locals in her area.  Shumbakadzi Investments (Pvt) Ltd trading as Kaboko, naturally, has since moved from selling to a few people to bigger business and from 5th January 2018, now has a standing order to supply dried leafy vegetables to a restaurant in town and another order to supply dried vegetables to college students at the Living Waters Theological Seminary, Azusa Campus.

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There is also a provisional agreement with a local supermarket chain to provide dried food products to all their branches should production capacity improve by purchasing the necessary machinery.  In addition to being the company Director, Blessing is also involved in the procurement of raw materials, processing, sales and packaging and distribution of the products. She so far has one part time employee assisting with production and sales, and employs a qualified nutritionist as a consultant.

Dumisani Mahlangu South Africa founded Supreme Electrical and Cable Solutions Pty Ltd. Before establishing his own business Supreme Electrical and Cable Solutions Pty Ltd, Dumisani worked for a number of entities.

From 2008 to 2009 Dumisani worked for Reshebile Aviation as a security guard, 2012 to 2016 he worked as a Data and Electrical Technician for Thuthukani Cabling Solutions Pty Ltd, and on June 2016 Dumisani joined Advanced Projects as a Senior Data and Cable Technician. In his first few months in the position Dumisani excelled and was promoted to be the Supervisor for the floating team.

He left the company in the end of 2016 to focus on growing his business, which he had registered in 2014.Supreme Electrical and Cable Solutions Pty Ltd is an electrical solutions company that became fully operational in 2016. It offers services ranging from electrical installation for 3 phase and single phase, telephone cabling, LAN point installations, plumbing, and fibre optic installations.

Supreme Electrical and Cable Solutions Pty Ltd strives for excellence in everything they do and understand the value of a happy client. Dumisani employs 2 casual workers who assist him from time to time. In its existence, Supreme Electrical and Cable Solutions Pty Ltd has provided services for a number of prominent clients, Acure-Quip and Maintenance, private home owners and Sakiprint just to name a few.

Nigeria’s Ezinne Uko Nigeria founded Contrail Stores. A lawyer by training, with Contrail Stores Ezinne saw the need to provide businesses with an effective and cheap business management tool, hence the iMonitorapp was born. iMonitorapp is an alternate by product technology that uses a mobile device to provide inventory, sales, business performance analysis, customer and business management solution. This solution is also a means of providing business owners that are otherwise unable to afford computer hardware an opportunity to run their businesses technologically and efficiently.

All these is done in real time using cloud technology. iMonitorapp features, real time sales and stock tracking, real time business performance analysis on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, sales notification, access to business from any location, and out of stock alerts. iMonitorapp under Contrail Stores Ltd is managed by a team of three ambitious individuals, whose goal is to provide flexible solutions for effective business management.

Farai Nechikwira from Zimbabwe founded Fnechz Aeronautical and Space Agency (FASA)For profit.

A young scientific entrepreneur, Farai was born May 1997 and raised in the southern part of Zimbabwe. From a young age Farai had that scientific inkling; when he was a child he remembers making mobile automobiles enhanced with few electronic gadgets gathered from discarded devices. He has always wanted to make something that did not exist; this was the birth of his engineering career. In school he excelled in science subjects, winning several accolades at school science expos and gold medals in the National Science Olympiads, having been recognized in the latter as Best Science Student.

Farai decided to choose aerospace engineering as his specific focus area. As is commonly known, the aerospace sector is one of the fields severely lacking in investment on the African continent. However, his passion for bringing non-existent things to life led him to become ever increasingly interested and passionate about aeronautics. His passion is not only to become an aerospace engineer, but to become an entrepreneur in this field and create the first black owned aerospace firm in Zimbabwe.

This will be a for-profit entity meant to provide services in defence, communication satellites, and commercial transit. Being raised in a low-income community motivated Farai to work exceedingly hard in school, to become the best student in Masvingo province at O-levels, and earning 4 As in A-level studies. Most importantly, he began looking for investors for this seemingly impossible aerospace dream, as well as a scholarship at a renowned institute to obtain a strong degree in aerospace engineering. He’s been successful in the latter, and currently pursuing his university degree in Algeria.

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Farai is the founder of Fnechz Aeronautical and Space Agency (FASA), which will be the first black owned aerospace industry in Zimbabwe. Built on the belief that Africa’s greatest resource are its people, this modern company will start by manufacturing small but critical air parts, servicing, maintenance, and repair of aircrafts. In the future, FASA will seek to manufacture complete aircrafts and well as launching communication satellites into space, and eventually manned space missions.

FASA will be poised to be a success since it is a pioneer in this fast-developing field and part of a larger global village. Hence, Farai  believes most economy reviving investments will soon focus on this area. FASA will create a variety of employment opportunities for local people. This is the beginning of a new era in Zimbabwe, and Africa at large.

Ivy Barley Ghana founded Developers in Vogue to train females in the latest technologies and connect them to real-time projects and jobs. Developers in Vogue has been featured on various national and international media platforms. Ivy currently holds an MPhil. in Mathematical Statistics from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Pascal Akahome Nigeria founded ART Improved Access NetworkNon-profit. Pascal is a pharmacist who resides and practices in Nigeria. In addition to his pharmacy degree from the University of Benin, Nigeria, he has undergone trainings in healthcare management from the University of Minnesota and Digital Marketing from the University of Illinois (Urbana Champagne).

Pascal is also a member of the International AIDS Society (IAS), the foremost global body dedicated to halting HIV in its tracks. He is the founder of Antiretroviral Improved Access Network (AIAI), a not-for-profit dedicated to leveraging on technology and logistics solutions to improve HIV patients access to anti-retroviral medication (ARVs).Pascal became interested in this area during his days as an intern pharmacist, when he witnessed firsthand the debilitating effects of patients not being able to access their HIV medication due to numerous encumbrances.

Hence, he developed a solution (AIAI) that would help deliver ARVs to patients who cannot make it to the hospitals, by linking community based health practitioners to HIV positive individuals within their communities – all at the patients’ convenience and at no cost. AIAI’s mission is to improve patient’s access to ARVs especially in rural and difficult to reach areas, and the vision is to save 50,000 lives within the first five years of operation by giving them lifesaving medication.

Peter Wachira Kenya, A Remote Youth Venture (ARYV)For Profit. As a child growing up in the slums of Nairobi, one of the biggest challenges Peter’s family faced was inaccessibility of clean and drinkable water. As a result, he lost some of childhood friends who succumbed to water borne diseases.

Today, 19 million Kenyans are unable to access clean and drinkable water, and 5,000 Kenyan children die yearly from waterborne diseases. Peter believes this should not be the case, and that clearly an affordable solution is needed.
15 years later, he set out to seek such a solution and came to establish A REMOTE YOUTH VENTURE (ARYV).

ARYV manufactures ceramic water filters enhanced with colloidal silver particles. The filters are made from local materials, they are low tech & low cost, and they eliminate approximately 99.88% of all waterborne disease agents. Peter believes ARYV can save at least 3,000 lives yearly here in Kenya and create hundreds of jobs for the youth.

Sarah Uwitonze Rwanda founded Agakiriro Ltd. The mother of one, and an entrepreneur from Rwanda holds a degree in Agriculture Science, possesses a wealth of self-motivation, and a passion for customer driven care.

Agakiriro means “where people get rich” in Kinyarwanda. Its main business is buying and selling a variety of products online. Agakiriro is a Rwandan market meeting place and search engine network for businessmen and women across the country. It grew from a group on Whatsapp, to a Facebook page, and now an App on the Google Play store with 2,500 users, and growing.Sarah’s vision for Agakiriro is that it will become the ultimate Rwandan marketplace by innovating and redefining the traditional means of buying and selling. Through this platform she aims to promote Rwanda’s profile as a hub for business, and to spread beyond Rwanda to build a pan-African and global marketplace unrestricted by borders.

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Agakiriro is an integrated and active platform of buyers and sellers, dealers, marketers, promoters and campaigners. Through its targeted and tailored platform Agakiriro makes doing business easy and fun for its users all the while upholding the values of integrity, honesty, diligence, and hard work.

Shola Peter Nigeria founded Chipmedic. Diseases are tormentors and killers only until a solution is handy. Diabetes Miletus in not an exception; the conventional method of testing for blood glucose level makes diabetes difficult to manage – the pains of pricking and repetition of same test procedure numerous times a day give rise to inadequate management of the disease. How about a solution that can help to manage diabetes effectively?
Glucoman is Shola’s innovation – a device worn as a wristwatch which is automatic in monitoring blood glucose levels by the minute and prepares averages depending on the frequency at which results are required. Glucoman will solve the problem of pains and drudgery involved with testing for blood glucose level and consequently help to manage diabetes effectively.
By 2030 there will be up to 30 million diabetics in USA alone and all would need effective management of the disease. Conventional testers cost about $50 with recurring expenses, whereas Glucoman is on one-time cost of $55.

Veridique Musambaghani Kakule Democratic Republic of Congo founded Action of the Future.

Veridique Musambaghani’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was just 11 years old and stirred up by his aunt he launched his first small business – trading of sugar confectionery products for children. As electricity was almost non-existent in his home town, Goma, DRC, he expanded his start-up and began a home delivery business of paraffin oil, all before university.

In 2012, while in his second year of university he noted the lack of a copy and print service to serve the students of his university, so he partnered with a friend and from a tiny initial cash investment of less than $500 USD, a year onward they topped $36,500 USD in revenue and decided to expand by acquiring a restaurant.

This success led his entrepreneurship professor to feature Veridique in class as “the perfect embodiment of a true entrepreneur”. Just before graduating in Economics and Management, he teamed up with another friend and together they asked themselves what to do to make an impact given the situation of their region (Eastern Part of Congo), home to the world’s worst and most protracted humanitarian emergencies.

Thus, the non-profit organization Action of the Future was launched in March 2014 and is to-date working on their vision of sustainable development. Veridique has nearly completed his MBA majoring in Finance and Accounting. He is passionate about finance and entrepreneurship and comes up with new ideas all the time – only wishing there was more time to implement them all.Action of the Future was established and registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and works on a vision to build a future where all layers of the society conduct economically and socially productive lives in a peaceful and livable environment.

Since 2014, the organization has been taking actions aiming to improve living conditions leading to a better tomorrow where the blatant social problems will be under control. The organization has been operating for five years, working in areas including Education, Health and Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock, Environment and Peacebuilding. Action of the Future is driven entirely by young people, who become involved in youth-related activities to build sustainable and harmonious development through concrete actions that they themselves are responsible for. The idea is to turn things around and allow Africa to make the most out of its demographic dividend.


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