Hosting & Infrastructure-as-a Service firm Garanntor launches in Kenya

Global hosting and infrastructure-as-a-service company Garanntor has launched in Kenyan as well in USA, Ghana and South Africa.

“As part of our business vision to be the largest Hosting and Infrastructure-as-a Service Company in Africa, it’s only right from a strategic perspective to enter the Eastern African market via Kenya. This is because Kenya is the most developed technological market in the region and has the highest internet penetration rate in East Africa,” explained Garanntor CEO, Olalekan Ajayi.

The company will take on Sasahost, Kenyawebhosts, Trueshost among others in Kenya. The firm aims to use competitive pricing with web hosting plans being offered for as low as Kshs. 55 per month, Virtual Private Server ( VPS) Hosting plans beginning at  Kshs. 935 per month and domains registrations as low as Kshs. 800  per annum.

“We realized as a company that SMBs and entrepreneurs do not have the budget to invest in elaborate and expensive technological infrastructure. We are therefore giving small business owners the chance to adopt emerging advanced technologies without having to make numerous costly purchases, ultimately allowing these small businesses to be more effective and agile in the marketplace and are able to compete with larger companies with larger budgets,” said Mr. Ajayi.

He further explains that the company has also tailor-made products for large businesses that require the latest and most efficient technology which are highly secure.

“Privacy and security is a huge issue in the world right now. In 2017 the tech world had some major hacks and breaches. This is why we have our teams working round the clock with multiple layers of security to ensure the safety and security of the data entrusted to us by our clients,” adds Mr. Ajayi.

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Garanntor announced the acquisition of Bytes Hosting, In September 2017, a timeline less than year after commencing operations. The acquisition further asserted Garanntor’s goal of becoming the largest Hosting and Infrastructure-as-a Service Company in Africa.

In 2017, Garanntor was named the winner in the Best Local Hosting Company category at the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) awards.

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