Andela Introduces Technology Workshops Open to The Public for Senior Developers

Technology skills company, Andela, recently introduced technical public workshops led by their senior developers, to expand their relations with the developer communities in Kenya & Nigeria.

The first workshop open to the public was held in December 2017  on “Demystifying Blockchain Technology”. This was a hands-on workshop that focused on using blockchain to create other digital assets other than cryptocurrencies attracting over 20 senior developers in Nairobi.

“Let’s Chat Bots!”  held on February 1 at Andela offices saw attendees engage in creating a conversational bot.

After accelerating senior developer hiring in July last year, Andela assembled a team to focus on getting senior developers on board. Andela has hired over 30 senior developers in various roles across the company as technical team leads.

According to Mercy Orangi, the Technology Leadership Evangelist at Andela, “Senior technologists play a critical role in catalyzing the growth of tech communities across Africa, which is part of our mission. The workshops are a platform for technologists in the ecosystem to interact, engage, and share expertise on emerging technologies and innovation.”

The workshops are expected to run throughout the year, during which Andela will be hosting the wider tech ecosystem, and will focus on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, machine learning, data science as well as project management skills.

Founded in 2014 and currently, with offices in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, New York and San Francisco, Andela now has over 900 employees with 600 as full-time developers.

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