Rwanda’s launches metered motorcycle taxis to end price haggling and kickstart food delivery

Yegomoto has launched metered taxis in Kigali, Rwanda in East Africa to bring sanity on the country’s roads and end haggling for prices by passengers.

The firm’s founder Karanvir Singh says it took 18 months of learning the market, identifying problems in a move to provide solutions like the Meter device to address local problems such as insurance and safety to customers and drivers among others.

The firm also says its meter system is providing useful data for use in the public and private sector apart from just helping users to pay for exact fares as set by the its YEGOMOTO Meter.

Running on a Cloud based IOT platform to ensure that all YEGOMOTO Meters are connected to a centralized monitoring and Management System, Yegomoto makes the bikes intelligent to provide data on navigation, congestion as well as provide digital and contactless payments for both the private and public sector.

The platform works simply, at the moment the platform has no ability to hail but the firm is working on apps for hailing. Users now can spot Yegomoto drivers by their bright red YEGOMOTO helmets, stop them and ask them to start the Trip on YEGOMOTO, tell the driver the destination and then on arrival, the driver will end the trip and check the fare summary, pay and leave.

Now in Kigali, Rwanda, the firm aims to roll the service out in other African countries and is in talks to authorities in Uganda and a couple of other African countries to take its smart urban mobility solutions.

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YEGOMOTO has a waterproof, fast phone charger for user phones to allow them to pay  Moto fares using their preferred Mobile Wallets, Credit or Debit Cards. YEGOMOTO will deliver food, groceries and even salon or spa services to users doorstep to allow drivers earn additional income from the additional e-commerce services.

Yegomoto currently competes with SafeMotos, also based in Rwanda with plans to expand to the entire East African region. In Kenya, Yegomot will take on Sendy among others.

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