LinkdPro, is an on-demand skills platform connecting investors with local professionals & experts


For many investors, Africa is becoming a key part of their global portfolio. Although for some it is still a long-term bet. Home to some of the fastest developing economies and markets in the world, with real challenges to solve and real ways to solve them, Africa is the land of opportunity.

So how do investors access a network of top local experts on the ground to help them assess investment opportunities on the African continent?

Enter LinkdPro, a tech start-up within the RMI-backed Fin-tech Ecosystem, Alpha Code Club isĀ connecting investors to a network of top local business consultants, industry sector experts and boutique consulting firms for project-based work.

Competing the recently launched Afringa, LinkdPro says it has local experts across 46 African countries and clients as far as Brazil, this digital platform is definitely poised to make businesses and investors thrive in Africa through facilitating real-time business connections which progressively moves the continent forward.

As a tech company at the forefront of defining the Future of Work, LinkedPro is very keen to share its deep insights & trends on how the knowledge economy is evolving on the African continent and how advances in technology are facilitating real-time business connections between local in-country experts and investors.