Kenyan IT Professionals are Earning more than their East African Counterparts


Although Information Technology is growing exponentially in African countries, newer reports show that Kenyan IT Professionals may be doing better professionally. Because of a growing demand, countries and their businesses are struggling to find trained workers in these fields. For now, Kenya appears to be leading the way with skilled employees and is also being compensated at a greater rate.

Growing Tech Hubs

Nairobi has become an area of technological innovation and is known as Silicon Savannah. Both skilled IT workers and investors have come to this area and it’s seen a huge number of startups in recent months. The decentralization of the tech industry in Kenya indicates that the market is growing. This is an encouraging sign. Kenya has one of the fastest mobile internet speeds and the increased job growth has allowed Kenya to have a stronger economy.

Increased Education

One of the reasons why Kenya may be seeing higher earnings for their IT professionals is the increased education that they have. Although there are schools in Kenya, many people are turning to online programs such as Norwich University Online. Not only can you earn an online degree from another country, you can even pursue an advanced degree. Since many people are going on to get advanced degrees, the online master of science in information security & assurance program from Norwich University offers the opportunity to advance.

Although everyone learns on the job, you also need to have a strong educational background in order to compete in a global market. Online programs allow for IT professionals to build important skills or to continue growing in those skills. They also offer versatility for anyone who may be working full-time or need to have a flexible learning environment. Many people who are trying to grow in their career take advantage of online education and degree programs to make themselves more competitive, in addition to being a better-trained asset in their job.

Increased Workplace Versatility

The demand for qualified Information Technologies continues to grow every year and Kenya is taking advantage of it with their skilled employees. One company, Gebeya, provides an online marketplace for IT professionals to showcase their skills and work around the world without having to leave their home country.

Since much of the work in IT can be done without ever having to leave your office, multilingual Kenyan IT professionals can use their skills to connect with customers and clients around the world. They’re not bound by physical distance and can share their expertise with a wide range of companies. Unlike other countries which may not have this infrastructure, Kenya has done an amazing job to open up job opportunities for their citizens.


Although every country has a range of salaries, new reports are showing that Kenyan IT professionals are doing very well in their field. Increased growth in infrastructure, greater access to education, and even a greater access to the outside world have helped Kenya turn into one of the information hubs of the world today.