BitPesa Launches in Ghana, Growing Footprint Across West Africa


BitPesa has launched in Ghana and will be offering new currency pairs, allowing Ghanaians to make GHS payments that settle in more than ten currencies, including NGN, UGX, and ZAR. 

With the launch, BitPesa aims to significantly lower the cost of payments from Ghana to other important trading partners such as Nigeria. Since Nigeria is a very important market for BitPesa already, Ghana was a natural choice for expansion, as these are the two largest economies in West Africa.

According to Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of BitPesa,  “We are constantly looking for ways to promote intra-African trade, so we’re very excited about our services in Ghana.  Ghanaians should be allowed to make global payments using their own currency and we are excited to facilitate this. We will continue to improve service offerings, compliance, and value for our new Ghanaian customers.”

Earlier in 2018, BitPesa acquired TransferZero, a leading digital payments company based in Madrid, expanding its footprint across LatAm, the Caribbean, and other frontier markets.

The company helps businesses make high-speed and low-cost B2B Payments in multiple currencies across and beyond Africa with operations in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, DRC, the UK and across Europe. As of today in Ghana, customers are able to buy and sell bitcoins on the online platform. Businesses are also able to make payments intra-Africa to Ghanaian mobile accounts. BitPesa is connected to two mobile networks in Ghana now, with more services to come soon.