Forgot my administrator password and I have no hint? Need to get immediate access to your computer but Windows keeps saying your password is incorrect? In this tutorial we’ll show you different ways of recovering access to the computer if you forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 password.

Method 1: Using Ophcrack Live CD

If your Windows PC is locked with a simple yet short password, there is a big chance to recover it using the best Windows password cracking software – Ophcrack. Ophcrack utilizes rainbow tables to run brute force attacks against NT/LM hashes. Let’s see how you can use Ophcrack to recover Windows password you’ve forgotten:

Step 1: First, download the Ophcrack LiveCD image (.iso) and it’s free. Double-click the ISO file and burn it to a disc.

Step 2: Boot your computer from Ophcrack LiveCD. Make sure you modify the boot sequence in the BIOS, so it will boot from CD.

Step 3: When the LiveCD prompts you to choose the graphics mode. Simply hit Enter to select the “Graphics mode – automatic“.

Step 4: After loading the Linux environment, Ophcrack will start eventually and it begins to try every possible password combinations until your password is discovered. This could take a long time if your password is strong.

One drawback to Ophcrack is that it can’t crack every password out there. If your Windows password is long or complex,  you can consider resetting or removing it with Password Recovery Bundle.

Method 2: Using Password Recovery Bundle

When you need to regain quick access to a locked Windows account, Password Recovery Bundle can be your best choice. It can help you remove forgotten password for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP in seconds.

Let’s see how you can reset Windows user password using this software.

Step 1: First of all, download and install Password Recovery Bundle on your local computer. To do this, you may need to borrow a friend’s computer.

Step 2: Once Password Recovery Bundle is launched, click on the Windows Password button.

Step 3: In Create Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk dialog box, choose either “Burn to CD/USB” or “Burn to USB Flash Drive”, and then click on Start Burn.

Step 4: Once the bootable disk was created, insert it into your own computer that was locked out. Next, you have to change the boot order in the BIOS Setup and let your computer to boot from CD.

Step 5: After the PCUnlocker utility loads off CD, it lists out all local accounts on your Windows system. Choose the administrator account and click on Reset Password button.

Step 6: Click Yes when the Confirm dialog box appears. You’ll immediately receive a message saying “Successfully reset your forgotten Windows password“.

Step 7: Reboot your computer and you can sign in to your administrator account without password!

Wrapping Up

So when you forgot Windows password, you can easily recover access by starting your computer with Ophcrack or PCUnlocker Live CD. There is no need to reinstall Windows, or send your PC or laptop to a repair shop.


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