In-depth review of the Holy Stone F181 drone


When it comes to picking the best drone for your needs, it is a hard decision to make. The market is full of drones with different models, prices and specifications. Sometimes, the prices are too high for the actual quality of the drone and in other cases you might be lucky to receive more than what you paid for. This might be the case for Holy Stone F181 C drone.

Holy Stone sells products for every budget and experience level. Due to this fact, it might be hard to select the best product for you. In this article, we are going to give you an in-depth review of the Holy Stone F181 gadget. This review is going to help you decide if this type of product is the best for you.

Durability and Design

This drone has a common design for a quadcopter. It doesn’t have any special details, apart from the LED light on top of it. While most drones have LED light in front and in the back, this quadcopter also has a light on top of it that can help you figure out its position. When it comes to durability this product is a medium one. It doesn’t break easily, but it is made of plastic which means that it doesn’t have an extreme durability.


If you are looking for a quadcopter made especially for photography, unfortunately, this is not the one. The F181 gadget comes with a 2MP camera with records videos (at 30 frames) and can take photos with 720p resolution. While this drone can’t be used for professional photography, it is still great for having fun.

For its price range, this device is actually great, the camera and the design are better than other drones in the same price range. Its default storage card is of 2GB. If this is not enough space for all of the photos and videos you can change the card with 8 or a 16GB one.


This model comes with a controller similar to the Xbox or PlayStation joystick. Since everybody is used to joysticks, this is going to be very comfortable to hold and use. Make sure to buy 4 AA batteries because they are not included. After you turned the controller on, the batteries are going to last about a month.

Despite the fact that it has a little display on top of the controller, you can’t see the live feed from the camera. This display is made only for information like the signal strength, LED light status, and the speed. Also, on this display, you can see the battery status. The fact that the live feed is not available might be a minus for this drone, but for its price range, it’s expected.


The F181 is a medium size, so it can be used for the outdoors and indoors and you don’t need to register it on FAA. Despite this fact, you need to be extra careful when it’s windy because it is not too resistant to wind. When it comes to speed, if this is your first UAV, you might want to use it at a 50% speed. You can use the high-speed mode when you are more experienced in order to avoid crashing it.

One of its best features is the flight time. Although most of the drones in this prince range can fly for 6-7 minutes, this one can fly up to 9 minutes. The control distance is about 90-100 meters. Another great thing is that you get an extra battery for the drone and you can actually fly it for about 15-16 minutes.

The landing gear can be removed as well as its propeller protectors. We advise you to wait until you are more accustomed to it to avoid damaging the drone. Once you removed the landing gear, the drone is going to have an increased flight time and it will improve its motility because the total weight is reduced.

For a quadcopter under $100, the F181 is a great investment. It is good for both experimented and beginners and it can be used indoor and outdoor. Some of the best features include the landing gear, the extra battery included, and the front LED light.

If you are looking for a drone to use it for professional photography you might want to choose a DJI or another drone specialized on that. The landing gear can break off easily if you overuse the gadget. Apart from these, the Holy Stone F181 is a budget-friendly, easy to control drone, great as a first quadcopter.

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