BitMari successfully used to test a Bitcoin Lightning transaction


BitMari, a Pan-African blockchain start-up, revolutionising remittances throughout the African diaspora through the use of blockchain technology has been successfully used to test a Bitcoin Lightning transaction with Tim Akinbo, co-founder and CTO of Tanjalo, a bitcoin startup based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tim was able to send $15 dollars from Nigeria to a recipient in Zimbabwe using bitcoin and the BitMari platform. Tim is excited about the instantaneous value transfer and being able to send a remittance transaction in seconds which he believes is  a game changer for bridging African communities together.

BitMari, had earlier in the week announced it had successfully setup Lightning nodes to support the Bitcoin network(read more). The Lightning network is growing fast having been launched on main-net a couple of weeks ago by the Lightning Labs team.

Mr Sinclair Skinner, the Co-Founder and C.E.O of BitMari a keen advocate of the potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to empower the African people said, “BitMari’s quick adoption of Lightning is active use of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to solve real World challenges facing Africans on the continent and in the diaspora; such as costly remittance fees ”.

BitHub Africa, the Kenyan based blockchain incubator, of which BitMari is a member, has recently posted a tutorial (read more) on how to setup a Bitcoin Lightning Node on a Raspberry Pi, which is an affordable computing device that can be used to process the transactions by anyone with the skills and resources to host the node.

BitMari, is now moving forward with improving the user experience so that it can increase user adoption of it services, ultimately passing the value of fast and affordable transactions to its customers.

BitMari is looking for other Lightning nodes to connect to their node. For more information contact the BitMari team, [email protected] and visit the website To join BitMari Slack visit: .

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