Kudobuzz Acquires RetailTower to Supercharge how Merchants Sell Across Multiple Shopping Engines


Ghana’s Kudobuzz has acquired RetailTower, an ecommerce product that allows merchants to list their products across multiple shopping engines in a mission to help merchants increase sales by making it simple for them to sell across multiple shopping engines.

Kudobuzz, a saas tool that helps SMBs increase their sales with user generated content and smart SEO will allow RetailTower to remain a standalone product and will work with its two other products; Social Reviews for building customer trust and SEO Doctor for driving increase in organic traffic and will continue to receive updates from us.

“There will be no disruption of service and RetailTower customers do not need to make any changes to continue using the product,” announced Kudobuzz. “Kudobuzz is still focused on its mandate of helping merchants make more money and we are strategically expanding our portfolio of apps to achieve this. We are more committed than ever to seeing this mandate through.”

RetailTower currently allow merchants to sync products to over 30 shopping engines with a custom feed provision made available for those whose shopping engines are not natively supported.

Kudobuzz’s mandate of helping merchants make more money resonates with this mission of RetailTower hence our decision to supercharge it by bringing them into the family.