wants to be the go-to platform for Kenyans to sell their digital products and get paid with ease

671 has launched to join Kenya’s growing list of digital marketplaces and stores for just about anything such as books, music and even clothes.

Adopted from Kenya’s famous downtown market Muthurwa, Muthurwa Marketplace aims to provide a platform for Kenyans to sell their digital products and get paid without much struggle unlike the open market downtown Nairobi.

Founded by  Elvis Nyakangi ,the Founder Kyote Internet Group Limited which runs, and, Muthurwa Marketplace allows users to sign up for an account and buy or sell ebooks, revision papers, official documents, softwares, KASNEB Notes, WordPress themes, music, photos, graphics among others.

Nyakangi says the platform connects buyers and sellers to allow them to sell or buy whatever they have or need online using a few single steps. Payments are done via M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Bank, Visa among others.

The benefit sellers get from the platform is the free digital marketing from the team and a secure platform for online transactions. The platform also checks for anti-piracy the platform has an anti-copy system to alert customers automatically detect any plagiarism or redistributing of copyrighted materials for commercial purposes.

Whether it succeeds or not, its too early to tell but most such platforms struggle to compete social media especially Facebook which has become today’s digital marketplace in the country allowing friends and family to exchange items online safely. Facebook has also been a huge threat to local platforms such as OLX which is now being run centrally from South Africa.