Liquid Telecom opens its servers to Serianu for advanced monitoring and incident response services


Liquid Telecom has announced it will be opening up its network to Serianu for advanced monitoring and incident response services in a new partnership to improve cybersecurity standards and practices across Africa.

According to Ben Roberts, Group CTIO at Liquid Telecom, “While digital transformation presents vast opportunity for businesses today in Africa, the risk of cybercrime has never been greater. Through this partnership with Serianu, Liquid Telecom is not only ensuring that customers using our network and data centres facilities have access to the very latest cybersecurity solutions, but that we are also raising the overall level of cybersecurity standards and practices across the region.” 

With the deal, Liquid Telecom will open up its fibre network, data centres and cloud-based offerings to Serianu’s security monitoring and analytics solutions to offer end-to-end protection for businesses of all sizes.

Thus Liquid Telecom can, above connectivity and hosting needs, offer cybersecurity assessment, monitoring, training and incident response through a combination of Seriaunu’s consulting, managed services and threat intelligence.

Customers will also have access to Seriaunu’s new state-of-the-art Africa Cyber Immersion Center in Nairobi. The research, innovation and training facility provides an experimental environment for businesses to test their cybersecurity capabilities, and will help address the cybersecurity skills shortage facing the region by providing additional training for IT professionals across the public and private sectors.

“Supporting local businesses and initiatives is one of the key pillars that both Serianu and Liquid Telecom share in common. Through this partnership, we will explore new ways to empower existing and future customers with quality, home-grown cybersecurity solutions that will help reduce the risk and cost from cybercrime across the region,” said Serianu CEO William Makatiani.

According to the latest Africa Cyber Security Report by Serianu, the estimated cost of cyber-crime across Africa reached $3.5 billion in 2017. Surveying organisations from across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, Namibia, Lesotho and Botswana, the report reveals that over 90% of African businesses are significantly exposed to cybersecurity risks.