Why Do People Buy Accounts in LoL?


here are several reasons as to why people Buy LoL Smurfs. One of the main reasons is to skip the leveling up processes and jump straight into the ranked action. In today’s world, taking the time to get to level 30 is such a drag, you must spend countless hours playing AI matches or against random people in order to get to a high enough level to start playing ranked, which is the most sought-after feature in the game. Also, being level 30 means that you unlocked all the masteries in game, which without it you really aren’t playing league at all.

Some people may buy an account because they have been banned. People get banned on league of legends every day. Some try out an aim-bot script, some “flame” too much when a team-mate messes up a play or causes the team to lose. And some just get reported too often. Best case scenario, you are banned for two weeks! Two weeks is too long for most people and that’s why many opt to just buy an account.

Play with friends
There are plenty of people out there who have friends that are in lower leagues than them. Since league of legends makes it impossible to play ranked matches with friends that are too many tiers below or above you, the only option becomes an account. An account closes that ranking gap by giving you a fresh unranked account, this will enable you to play with all your friends (or significant other) and you won’t have to be lonely anymore.

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Practice new champions
One of the main/biggest reasons people buy an Account is so that they can practice how well they play the game on a new account in a ranked competitive environment without influencing their main accounts ranking. This is done by buying a side account and then playing a ranked match on it. The benefit being having none of the risk and all the reward of a competitive environment to properly learn a new champion or a new play style.

There are numerous reasons why people buy a side account in league, but one thing is for sure, there’s a need for it. Whether you are banned, don’t have time, or simply are looking to practice a new play style, SneakySmurfs has you covered.