aims to teach beginners programming in a visual and interactive way

569, an online educational startup has launched in Nigeria to teach beginners programming mainly C# in a story-telling and interactive way.

Designed for absolute beginners without any prior knowledge to start, Codeeasy is actually the first FREE C# online interactive tutorial for beginners and is now focused on helping people to write their first, second and third program without even realizing it.

“Codeasy is not about immediately getting a job, it is not about going into complex details of every subject, it is all about helping people to get into coding in the easiest possible way,” says the firm’s founders.

“This is a fun way to learn programming for complete beginners! is a C# tutorial for people who know nothing at all about programming. All you need is to be willing to learn C# from the ground up. The course will also be useful for those who already have a little experience in programming,” the team added.

It’s underlying magic is the use of adventure stories mixed with the explanation of programming principles closer to CodeAcademy approach, but still having the storytelling or gaming part.

The startup says it is more attractive to learn programming by saving the world, than if someone tells you to write a “for” loop, right? In their adventure story for example, the main character Teo is fighting against robots in the future and tries to save the humanity. Each chapter covers some information on programming, mostly in dialogues.

Registration at Codeasy allows the user to solve tasks by writing a code (practical part) in the browser. The startup also offers users support via its Slack group and a Leader Board to encourage the students to complete the course.