Parents are often worried about what their kids are doing. They want to know where their kids are going and to ensure that they’re not cutting out of school, their after-school jobs, or any activities they are getting into while outside the house. It is all about seeing that they are being responsible and are listening to you.

The good news is that Cocospy will help you track your child’s phone without them knowing. The Cell Phone Tracker gives you the help you need with figuring out where your kids are heading out to. Best of all, you can start using this app for free without having to jailbreak or root your kids’ phones. Your kids will not be aware of the app being used on their phones either.

Part 1: All About Cocospy

Cocospy is a mobile app that works on Android 4.0 and iOS 10.0.0 or greater phones. The app uses several features for seeing where your kids are.

  • How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

You can track cell phone location through Cocospy:

  • Find GPS data through your kid’s phone.
  • Get details on the Wi-Fi locations your child is reaching.
  • Review time stamps to see when your child was at a certain location or on a specific network.


1.2How to Track My Child’s Phone With a Geofence

Cocospy also offers a geofencing feature:

  • Enter in a geofence on your child’s device. The fence includes details on physical spots that you want your child to be at.
  • The app will remind you when your child gets outside of that geofence.
  • Time stamps are produced on the app when your child leaves the geofence.
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Part 2: How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

2.1 Installing Onto an Android or iOS Device

The basic process for getting Cocospy to work on your child’s mobile phone is easy to follow:

  1. Sign up to use Cocospy.
  2. Install the app onto your child’s phone.
  3. Log onto your Cocospy account and review where you child is and to create a geofence.

2.2 Installing Onto an iCloud-Enabled iOS Device

You do not have to get physical access to your child’s iOS device provided the phone is linked to an iCloud network. The Cocospy app works by reviewing the Wi-Fi data that goes between the phone and the iCloud network based on the account. This gives you direct access to the iPhone’s data, including details on its location.

The steps for doing this are as follows:

  1. Sign up for a free Cocospy account.
  2. Enter in the login information for your child’s iCloud account.
  1. Go to your control panel and review everything on your child’s phone.

Part 3: How Secretive Is Cocospy?

Cocospy operates on your child’s phone without anyone else but you knowing about it. The Cocospy app does not leave any icons or shortcuts on the phone. The app doesn’t take up lots of disk space, nor will it cause the phone to slow down or use up more battery power.

Part 4: Does This Need Rooting or Jailbreaking?

You do not have to root or jailbreak your child’s phone to get location information. Cocospy gathers GPS and Wi-Fi connection data through traditional networks and therefore does not require you to root or jailbreak anything. You can also get access to your child’s contacts, calendar information, notes, text message history, and call history without having to root or jailbreak the device.

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You would still have to root or jailbreak the phone if you want access to the non-default apps on your child’s phone. These include the Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Gmail apps among many others.


Be aware of where your kids are by getting Cocospy to work for you. Cocospy helps you track their locations for free and does not require anything extensive to make it all work. Check out Cocospy online today and see what the free demo has to offer.


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