Ways to Connect Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts


If you own a business, it’s likely that you are trying out all the marketing possibilities you can come across. Some will succeed while others will fail. Don’t worry, pulling your hair out for ideas is a common marketing practice.

What if there was the possibility of doing something a little different and combine those efforts you are working on both online and offline? Below we explore different ways in which your business can merge both of these marketing efforts.

Direct Mail and Online advertising

You probably have gone to pick up your mail and come across a piece of mail that you would perhaps consider “junk mail.” What you may not realize is that direct mail has a pretty solid response rate of 5.1%. This response rate blows a lot of digital marketing strategies out of the water, in terms of response rate.

Direct mailing may be a very feasible strategy for your business. This is especially true when you consider the potential impact of coupling your direct mailing efforts with a digital marketing strategy.

You could, for example, send a mailer out directing people to your website landing page by enticing them with an appealing offer. Once there, you can ask for their email address to add them to your email list. If you live in Georgia, you can use this strategy to reach people in major cities, such as targeting people with atlanta homes and apartments to concentrate your target audience and gauge the results.

The key to successful direct mail campaigns is that you want to catch the attention of the customer. It is far too easy for someone to chuck your advertisement in the trash or recycling bin. You should try working with a talented graphic designer to create some very eye-catching and appealing advertisements. And always make sure your offer will be enticing enough to get the customer to log in to your site.

Apps and Live Events

Apps are a great way to truly create some loyal followers. If you think about it, apps are present every time your customer opens their phone. The key to really exploiting the full potential of apps is to couple them with offline marketing efforts. If your business ever attends conferences or other live events, apps provide a great way to engage your customers. It works both ways.

For one, if you are advertising a live event, you notify your customers that have your app the details of the event. Conversely, if you are at a live event, you can always invite attendees to download your app to create a potential loyal follower.


At this point, you might be asking, how much does it cost to create an app? They might not be as out of tune with your budget as you might think. The key is to look for app developers that are talented and have a solid track record.

With so many possibilities for marketing, the main takeaway should be that it is possible to combine both online and offline marketing efforts for far greater success than keeping them in siloes.