Kenya’s EatAtIt launches to help users reserve a table or order food & drinks online
Kenya’s EatAtIt has launched to allow users to order food, drinks and reserve a table easily and more conveniently via its online platform taking on incumbents EatOut, a restaurant discovery platform, Quick Eats and Jumia Food, food delivery platforms.

Founded by Henry Okwach Wanyamba, Eat At It Platform,  aims to help restaurants reach out to more customers by giving them a platform to market themselves. Restaurants can use the platform to share info and photos and tell their stories to sign up customers.

For potential users, the platform aims to link them to over 70,000 restaurants, cafes and coffee/tea houses found in Kenya so that they enjoy their meals and drinks conveniently.

“Our aim is to have as many restaurants and bars as possible listed, thereby providing users with a comprehensive directory that caters for their diverse needs,” said Henry. “We seek to attract and retain clients by providing them with flexible, competitively priced packages.”

“We do acknowledge the fact that a number of online restaurant guides do exist. These web portals offer users with limited information about or related to restaurants,” Henry adds.

Eat At It says its primary target market is restaurants and bar proprietors. the firm says its analysis of the market reveals that coverage is mostly concentrated in selected suburbs of major urban areas. Whereas a significant number of these establishments are located within these suburbs, many other potential businesses that fall outside these areas of coverage are left out.

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