Artificial Intelligence has Learned to Compose New Maps and Levels for Computer Games

Artificial intelligence is paving a lot of opportunities for many industries today. Many world economies are benefitting from artificial intelligence. According to Statista, China’s GDP is expected to increase by 26.1 percent by 2030 because of AI. Many fields including medicine and engineering are making use of AI to simplify certain processes.


The gaming industry is making use of AI. The goal is to create a sophisticated and interesting game design. Using an AI robot is better than using computational intelligence because it makes it easy to create new levels of games. For example, video games are becoming more realistic. As players need to get the best experience, creating the next level is very important for the game designers.


How to Use AI in Games

AI takes out the long process that designers have to go through to create the next level for players. Yet, it doesn’t stop here; the uses of AI include:

  1. Playing games

The most popular use of AI in the gaming industry is playing games. When playing games, it improves the gamer experience. It also pushes the gamer to perform better. AI can take one of four roles when playing games. AI can play several games from board games to strategic games.

These include:

  • Play to win in a player role,
  • Play to motivate in a player role,
  • Play to win in a non-player role,
  • Play to motivate in a non-player role.
  1. Improving games

AI can improve games by playing them, therefore, it enhances the experience of gamers. Additionally, the gaming industry uses opponent AI in some games. AI usually controls either the character of the player or the non-player character. AI targeted towards the player character, pushes the player to perform better. This is usually done by making sure the player reaches certain goals.

  1. Generating content for games

Gathering data for content can be challenging. But websites like the ones which allow you to check essay writing help and create copy can make it easier for you to complete a task. The same applies for content for video games. The increased need for new content poses a challenge for writers and designers.

Gamers are usually looking for new games that are both challenging and interesting. Another important feature of games is that they should be new and different. In this situation, AI can gather all the necessary data needed to create a video game. Because of this, there will be a lot of data to work with on building a new level.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Compose New Levels for Computer Games

Artificial intelligence algorithms create new characters and levels of video games. This helps to simplify the work of game designers. Even with this, it is still difficult to completely create a new level of a computer game.


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A game designer needs more effort to do this task. It is also difficult to predict which feature to add to make the game more interesting. With artificial intelligence, you can design the next level according to a gamer’s skills.


Because of artificial intelligence development, designers don’t have to handcraft any new level of a game:

  • AI has the ability to learn new ideas that the designer may want to include in an existing game.
  • AI technology can learn from examples – because of this, AI can create completely new content for a game.
  • Artificial intelligence technology can learn about new maps and levels for computer games.


AI does this through the Generative adversarial network (GAN). This network uses two algorithms. One working against the other. Because of these features, GEN is good for creating new and interesting levels. The two networks are the generator and discriminator networks. The generator network works by gathering data from levels created by humans. Additionally, this AI gathers data from hobbyists. The end result of this process is the creation of a similar game.

The discriminator network’s main function is to distinguish whether a new level is made by humans or an AI. This is done by analyzing the data from the generator network.

Summing Up

AI can reduce the time it takes designers to make new levels for computer games. It takes a shorter time to generate content for computer games. AI also allows how designers can create better experiences for players.

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