Cartehub wants to be Nigeria’s biggest multi-merchant one-stop online marketplace


Cartehub, a multi-merchant online marketplace for the best varieties of food, farmers market, organic products, handmade items, crafts, arts plus the best and most convenient laundry and dry cleaning services in the African market is focused on helping its customers find fulfillment using technology to enrich their ways of life.

Founded by Adebiyi Olafusi, Cartehub aims to provide a multi-merchant one-stop online market place to its users to help them source for and list a wide variety of awesome locally made products and services in the area of Food, Farmers Market, Handmade/Crafts and Laundry. The platform aims to enhance a more efficient delivery process at reduced delivery costs by operating a Merchant-Near-You shopping format that allows merchants to be listed in order of their nearness to the shopper.

With that, Olafusi says the platform will be contributing significantly to the growth of Nigeria’s and Africa’s economy and further encourage local manufacturing and production as the platform showcases and promotes locally made products, offers shoppers one of the most intuitive and efficient online shopping platforms and brings more visibility and sales to local merchants through its “Buy Local” initiative.

The platform has an online food ordering and delivery vertical, has a section for handmade products, choice beauty products, Authentic leather slides, Africa inspired sneakers, Ankara crafted bags, Africa designed fashionable footwear and many others. It also allows users to find laundry providers as well as allow user schedule pickup and delivery of their shopping or items.

“In one month, we’ve made good progress. We’ve built skills, composed and sent countless emails, spoken to hundreds of clients, brushed up on our phonetics, acquired more self confidence and signed up merchants with locally made but world class quality products and services. Growth cannot be rushed in this kind of business,” said Olafusi. “It’s been a blessing. I don’t regret the choice…we have fun using technology to solve problems…and I’m praying for Cartehub to pick up and make things more comfortable for everyone!”

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