Able Wireless comes back to life as BRCK’s Moja Free Public WiFi hits new milestone

On-demand wireless streaming service Able Wireless is still alive and kicking and yesterday sent out a public update on its progress after a two year-silence, celebrating  its reach in Kenya after several months of working in the trenches.

After launching its BlackBIRD Service- providing WiFi at Just Ksh 500 a month and earlier plans to introduce Fibre to the Home for just Ksh 1,000 Bob a month, Able Wireless said its serving over 346,000 minutes of HD video across Kenya everyday. In a tweet, Able Wireless co-founder and CEO Kahenya KamunyuL said Long, “time no tweet. On average, we are delivering approximately 346,000 minutes of HD video across Kenya every single day. Home grown CDNs work.

The firm which had planned to take its Internet and video streaming services to Kenya’s middle income and informal settlements has been mute for years running in a tough market controlled by incumbents such as Zuku, Jamii Telecom and Liquid Telecom’s Hai starting with areas then neglected by providers whose focus was mainly affluent areas of the city.

Able Wireless Blackbox offers 1080p HDMI Streaming, allows use of apps  and plugins and users can watch both live shows or on Demand at just Ksh 2,500.00 a month. Those who want Unlimited WiFi Only pay just Ksh 500 a month while those who want both Unlimited WiFi and Streaming pay Ksh 3,000 for the first month and subsequently Ksh 500. Through it’s partner AIB Capital and several other partners, the firm’s target population was the middle and low income earners, students and everyone who wants premium content at an affordable fee of just Shs 500 a month. Able Wireless said it had signed a deal with 3 ISPs to supply them with internet  two years ago.

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The firm had talked of a growing number of content providers too which it has not named now.  BRCK, on the other announced that its SupaBRCK-powered Moja Network is getting over 250,000 users each month n both Nairobi and Kigali as it moves to connect more users to the internet as well as help them access relevant content for its subscribers. 

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