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Right after the introduction of Android operating system, a significant blooming has been noticed in mobile applications industry that can be clearly seen on Google play store and other third-party websites. One feature that was missing in online streaming applications for a long time was downloading but now it’s solution has also been found in the form of Snaptube application. This app is rapidly occupying the worldwide marketplace of multimedia apps due to many reasons.

The latest beta version of Snaptube app ( that was recently released by developers contains many features that will surely amaze the users. The first thing that one can notice right after opening the app is its user-friendly and compact interface. If you will compare it with the predecessor, many changes can be noticed. At first look, it will exactly look like a typical web browser but when you will go deeper, its significant features will start appearing. As compared to the previous version, the navigation controls have become convenient for users.

Download the latest version of Snaptube

The home screen contains search bar just like old one and important websites are bookmarked in icons below the bar. These bookmarks can be customised to personalise the app according to your search preference. The whole content of Snaptube’s latest version is divided into sections i.e. for you, trending and channels.

The main benefit of signing up is for using “Channels” and “For you” section which is automatically optimised according to the search preference of the user. “For you” section appears right after you open the home page. Here all relevant YouTube videos will be available in tiles for instant access. Those who want more personalized access can switch to Channels section. Here genres of all channels are categorised with names like news, sports, movies, drams, anime and games. The channels that you have already subscribed on YouTube will appear in these genres.

When it comes to checking the real potential of Snaptube apart from its functioning buttons, the most impressive thing that everyone will admire is its premium downloading feature. This is not the only application that provides such kind of feature; still, some characteristics make it distinctive apart from others. It enables the free users to download video files in the highest possible resolution that can reach the level of 2k, 4k and 8k. Other apps also have this feature but reserved only for paid users.

Not just videos, but all files running in this app can also be downloaded in .mp3 file format. Under every video, a download button is present that will direct the user to all downloading options. Ether chooses audio of video and starts downloading with just one touch. The previous version was not equipped with illustrating as many options as one can see in this one.

After releasing in November 2014, the developers of Snaptube regularly upgrade the application with latest features. It is an ideal application for those who are looking for a reliable app to watch videos in offline mode. Whether is a streaming site like YouTube or social media site like Facebook, this app is capable of downloading videos from everywhere. Even though all features of Snaptube are available for free to use but if someone has an issue with advertisements then subscribe to the VIP membership at $1.99 for a lifetime.


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