5 Tech Upgrades You’ll Love at Your Workplace



While we cannot seem to get enough of our favorite gadgets, there are a few always turning up in the market. There are hundreds and thousands of ongoing research projects ongoing to give us more efficient electronics. From the people who love technology, to those who love discovering its possibilities; we are all in benefit.

Technology has invaded our houses,  eating habits,  social life, and everything we can think of. Despite being on top of our tech-game, there might be certain things we’re missing out on. These are the odds, the unique selling points and the discoveries of tech-enthusiasts with mad skills to go beyond possibilities.

If you’re a tech-freak and want to upgrade your game, here are a few tech upgrades for your workplace.

  1. Soundproofing Your Space

Remember last night when you thought you were alone to work on something special and did not anticipate the noise that suddenly came from the neighbor’s house? Or remember the time there was an ongoing meeting next door in your office and it ruined your concentration? Well guess what, here’s just what you need.

An audio system that soundproofs your work room in the house or your office in the work place is just what you need. Apart from keeping the outside noise away, you are able to enjoy solidarity with your thoughts. The inside of your work space will be excluded from any unnecessary intrusions, involvement or outdoor noise that can disrupt your concentration.

Soundproofing also enables the internal sounds to stay inside. So if you’re having a private meeting indoor, no one outside the room will be able to hear. You can learn more about soundproofing on Home Recording Pro website.

  1. Digital Key for Security
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Even if you’re working at your house with your private and confidential documents are on the table, you wouldn’t want anyone touching them. Wives have a habit of rearranging and clearing out the papers from the table. While they may be trying to help, it just causes a lot of more confusion.

A digital key that works on your thumb print is an amazing device to get installed in your office and in your work space at home. The key helps keep everyone away from your office. Your files, your confidential documents and even your basic items will not be touched. There will be less people visiting the office and you will be able to focus on work more.

  1. Portable Monitors

When you head over to your client’s office for a special meeting or when you’re presenting your message to the team, a big screen might not always be available. What works better than a massive screen and captures attention of the people right in front of them? A monitor!

Probably this is the reason our favorite tech-geeks invented the portable monitors. Portable monitors are great for everything; from a presentation to a small motivational speech, visuals on a monitor that travels with you is the best thing to have. The portable monitor is sleek, light-weighted and the resolution is out of this world.

Your portable monitor can also be used for entertainment purposes when you’re with your colleagues. With everything in your computer, might as well carry it with your monitor everywhere!

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

When you’re carrying your portable monitor, might as well get the wireless keyboard too. You get the opportunity to connect this keyboard to your television, your projectors, your phone, your tablet and even your laptop.

No matter where you’re presenting your message, turn towards your audience and operate with the wireless keyboard. Not only is it responsive to every other you have, it also comes with the features such as operating two systems at the same time, with flawless switching. You can simply use your system and then that of your colleague with just insertion of the USB port required.

Wireless keyboards are made from aluminum alloy and therefore are resistant to easy breaking. They are available in several colors to choose from. You can go something neutral in color that matches most of the gadgets or even something funky and unique such as blue, green and pink.

  1. Tablet Mounts for Easy Connectivity
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There are tablet mounts available which can be used to connect your tablets to your systems. When both devices are connected, you get two displays for working. Usually, these connections are great for creative and design work such as making presentations, designing a layout, making an artwork or other.

The best thing about the tablet mount is its reliability and sustenance. Despite the size of your tablet, it fixes your device onto the monitor and extends the screen without any delay. You can even connect two tablets through two mounts with your system and work flawlessly.