MTN Uganda says no data was accessed or compromised by intruders

At the Data Centre, there were several attempts by the intruders, to log into MTN Uganda’s servers over a period of two hours. However, according to firm, the efforts were unsuccessful because of MTN Uganda’s robust information security systems and no data was accessed or compromised by the intruders.
“These incidents were captured on our CCTV cameras and the footage has been shared with the police,” said Mr. Charles M. Mbire, MTN Uganda chairman in a statement. The firm says the incident was reported to the Minister of Security and the Chief of Military Intelligence and the intruders subsequently withdrew from the Data Centre around midnight.
MTN (U) formally reported the matter to the Uganda Communication Commission. MTN Uganda also opened a case at CID Headquarters- Kibuli under reference number GEF 727/2018. MTN (U) takes this criminal incident seriously and is working with the government of Uganda to establish the identity and motive of the perpetrators and bring them to account.
MTN Uganda adds that its not aware of any investigation into alleged breach of national security involving it or tax evasion on its part contrary to various print and social media reports and the firm says its working with Uganda Police and other security agencies as they investigate this incident.