Kenya’s UTU Technologies receives $250,000 to bring trust in the sharing economy

Kenya’s UTU Technologies, a trust ecosystem for the sharing economy has received $200,000 USD in investments and secured an additional $50,000 USD each from æternity Ventures’ partner network as a number of investment funds and angel investors followed the event online.
Croatia’s AMPNet, an integrated hardware and software suite, received $100,000 USD and the additional $50,000 USD too from æternity Ventures’ partner network. The remaining $1,000,000 USD will be distributed amongst the remaining teams: TraDEXsocial, NOBLE, Tip-me, Ride Safe Africa, YAIR, TRIBE, and Data2Honey.

According to Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of æternity Ventures, “We were delighted to welcome these visionary teams from the likes of Kenya, Croatia, Austria, and Germany as well as investors and industry enthusiasts to the final event of æternity Starfleet 2018 in the beautiful Sofia Tech Park in Bulgaria.”

“I have been very impressed by the passion, dedication, and far-reaching potential of the nine teams that made it to the final of æternity Starfleet. The finalists have demonstrated an innate ability to take our feedback and fine-tune their business model and roadmap accordingly. I’m very excited to see the project progress to the next phase of development,” added Stojanow.

Founded in 2016, æternity is an open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform that builds on decentralized cryptographic P2P technology. Designed to deliver unmatched productivity, transparent governance, and global scalability, æternity offers blockchain technology with a consensus mechanism that is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.
æternity Starfleet was established to support the global blockchain ecosystem by building a network of innovators, investors, and industry enthusiasts while showcasing the talent and vision of blockchain projects worldwide. Each team participating in the Incubator program was mentored and given the opportunity to take part in intense training sessions and workshops led by leading names in both blockchain and business.Jason Eisen, CEO of UTU Technologies said, “Even being invited to take part in the final event of æternity Starfleet was a huge privilege for our team, and winning the top prize is vindication for our tireless efforts to date. This is a strong vote of confidence from one of the leading authorities within the blockchain sphere, and æternity’s support has been incredibly beneficial during the Starfleet program. We are beyond excited to continue working with the æternity Ventures team, and look forward to taking our project to the next level with their guidance and vision.”

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