The Best Streaming Sites to Use to Maximise Your Sonos Speakers

As much as we love owning records, whether it’s the classic vinyl or just the common CD, it’s a little pricey to keep up the hobby. But thanks to music streaming sites, we’re able to listen to music 24/7 at a much cheaper price. Not to mention, some classic jams you cannot find on record today are readily available on music streams.

But good music is nothing without the good speakers to blast them with. This is where the Sonos Speakers come in, the true leaders in surround sound. Most flock to Harvey Norman for Sonos Speakers mainly because of its cinema suite experience, multi-room audio setups, and a smart system.

With the countless streaming sites ready to use though, it’s hard to choose which ones are worthy of the Sonos. So here’s a list of the best music streams you can use for high fidelity listening.


One of the most popular streaming sites on this list, Spotify has over 170 million monthly subscribers, 70 million of which are premium users, and boasting more than 30 million songs.

There are mobile and desktop options for Spotify, and offers an intuitive user experience. It will only take a first time subscriber a minute to learn how to access songs, create playlists, and share their music choices online.

Most people also like how Spotify functions a bit like a social network. It shows you what your friends are currently listening to, and their precise algorithm can recommend songs or whole albums to you depending on your listening habits. Their Discover Daily playlist showcases how their algorithmic curation is  just spot on.

Google Play Music

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There are 40 million songs ready for streaming on Google’s music platform. But best of all, you can upload up to 50,000 of your own songs so that you can have your own music collection ready to play anywhere with you.

Just like Spotify, it has an intuitive user interface. Their most popular curation system is preparing playlists for every mood based on the time of day.

When you subscribe to Google Play Music, you will automatically get access to YouTube Premium — which means no more ads when video streaming.

Amazon Music Unlimited

This is different from Amazon Prime Music, which has only 2 million songs. Music Unlimited has an even bigger library of songs, and it’s worth subscribing to especially if you’re already a Prime member since you get a discounted price.

One of it’s best feature is the lyric scrolling and behind-the-scenes commentary from the artist of the song you’re listening to.

Apple Music

To cap off this list, of course we have to mention Apple’s streaming music. In this list, Apple Music has the largest library of songs at over 45 million songs for streaming. Not to mention, some of the biggest mainstream artists choose to stream their music exclusively on Apple Music.

The streaming service also features 24/7 live radio, the only site to do so, which plays mostly indie, pop, and rap music. You can also integrate this with other Apple services like its AI, Siri.

Load up on these apps, enjoy the surround sound suite of the Sonos Speakers, and get lost in the music.

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