How online companies can best attract new customers

In an increasingly connected world, it’s vital for ambitious companies to have a strong online presence. The success story of Amazon has provided a beacon of hope for many would-be international online companies. There are plenty of simple things companies can do to increase their reach and bring customers and clients flooding in. Here are just a few examples:

Social media marketing

It seems obvious, but social media is clearly a potent tool for making your brand more visible. The sheer number of people who have become Instagram influencers is evidence enough of the availability of many diverse audiences all looking for something to follow.

However, overnight social media success is not guaranteed. It requires time and persistence to make an impression and build a following – you need to be able to communicate often and well whilst never allowing your message to become stale or repetitive.

Free offers

People always love what they can get for free. If you can convince people that any free product they’re getting is worth getting again, then you have created a means of entering them into your sales funnel and thus giving you more profit. A strong example of this is the way that William Hill advertises its online roulette to new customers. Once your new customers are persuaded by the strength of your products, they’ll be more amenable to spending more on better products you offer.

Strong looks

Customers won’t stay in a store if they can’t stand the way it looks. Just as a shop’s layout plays a key role in its appeal, so too does an online company’s website matter in terms of keeping people interested. There are plenty of online companies out there, so this is an important factor: you need to combine form and function – in other words, you need to make sure your site is easy to use but nice to visit at the same time.

Guarantee referral

This step is all about garnering organic positive word of mouth through your customers. One is to give new customers a unique code which they can pass on to someone they think would like the product. This code guarantees the new customer a discount on their first purchase. Cornerstone have employed this strategy to great effect. You can also offer similar discount codes through influencers to promote your product, as they will have larger followings beyond immediate friends and family.

Provide great customer service

If customers have a strong customer service experience, particularly one that starts from a complaint, they are likely to recommend the company, because it has shown its willingness to provide a good service to a customer, even though that customer may not have been entirely convinced by the product when they first looked for support.

These are just a few of the ways that online companies can best attract new customers, and ultimately there will be some luck involved as well. But companies that adhere to these steps are already giving themselves a big advantage going forward.

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