Nigeria’s BuyCoins launches to help users buy and sell their coins with ease


After launching Bitkoin Africa last year,  Timi Ajiboye, has launched BuyCoins, a cryptocurrency exchange platform set to enable users to buy and sell all the other types of crpto coins online and not just bitcoin like it was with Bitkoin Africa, a sister person-to-person bitcoin trading platform allowing users to sell and buy bitcoin from other users.

BuyCoins allows users to trade and store in bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash among others as well as make and receive payments with ease.

BuyCoins also allows super simple but effective and reliable user verification/KYC and eliminates the need to trust some human on the other side of a trade.

The exchange will allow users to buy and sell directly (with no hidden fees) in the app, instantly as long as a user has a debit card or bank account, can create an account, get verified and trade in less than 5 minutes. After signing up, one uses their Bank Verification Number, phone number, and their Nigerian bank account to quickly and securely verify their account then head to either buy or sell in a matter of seconds.

“We don’t have any hidden fees or charges. Just choose a coin, look the price, and pay with your debit card or bank account. All you get is a flat rate and nothing else,” announced the team. “When you sell cryptocurrency to us, you get paid directly into your Nigerian bank account instantly. You can store your cryptocurrencies securely in the BuyCoins wallet for free.”