How to Engage More Viewers on Social Media Using Videos


Social media nowadays is dominated by videos – and that is no surprise. The fact of the matter is that videos have been proven to be more engaging than any other type of content on social media, and so more and more of them are being published daily.

Due to the increased competitiveness, social media users are spoilt for choice. That makes it more difficult to engage them – unless you know what to do:

  • Come up with ‘bite-sized’ videos

Across social media platforms the one trend that is clear is that viewers prefer ‘bite-sized’ content that is short and can be watched quickly. The ideal length for videos on social media platforms may differ, but as a rule making sure it is between 1 to 2 minutes is a good start.

  • Try going live

A more recent development in the social media world is the integration of live video streams on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All three have had amazing success with it, and live videos have proven to be able to engage more viewers than conventional videos – by a significant margin.

If you want to engage viewers on social media, live videos are where it is at right now. Its sheer effectiveness is second to none, making it an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on.

  • Do your research and find out what your followers want

Sometimes it can help to go back to the basics and start with some good old fashioned research. At the end of the day engaging viewers is all about connecting with them, and if you find out what type of content your followers want you will be able to come up with more engaging videos.

Make no mistake there are a wide range of videos that have the potential to be really engaging, including how-to guides, explainer videos, behind the scenes peeks, and more. In fact if you want you could record Skype calls using Movavi Screen Capture Studio and create expert interview videos or discussion panels.

  • Make viewers feel something
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Emotion provokes action – and because of that it is a powerful tool to increase engagement. If your video is able to make viewers feel something they are more likely to share, comment, like, or react to it in other ways. The power of emotions is the main reason why funny videos get so many shares, as do videos that are shocking, surprising, inspiring, and so on.

All that should give you more than enough to start engaging more viewers on social media using videos. While the results you’re able to observe may vary somewhat depending on the platform you’re using and your target audience – it should make a noticeable difference nonetheless.

By using what you now know, you should definitely be able to set your videos apart from the majority of social media videos – and start to draw in and retain more viewers. Be sure to keep improving your approach, and try to tailor it to the demographic of your viewers.