The Casino Industry Is Placing Bets On New Technology

From primitive playing cards and simple dice in 100 AD to the massive casinos and slot machines in the 21st century, the casino and gambling industry has raked in $240 billion. However, it hasn’t done it without taking some bets and gambling itself. With the rapidly growing digital world, the casino industry has been forced to keep up and place its bets on technology. These advancements are changing the world of casinos as we know it and encouraging more customers to get involved in the game.

Taking casinos to the phone

The mobile gaming industry was worth $100B at the end of 2017. This brought gambling into the home and threatened traditional casinos. However, the casino industry fought back. Traditional betting shops are now incorporating the technology from mobile gaming apps in their stores. Casinos are adding touch screen kiosks so that customers can indulge in new technology. Tablet kiosks also allow gamblers to socialize with the bookmaker during their digital games as well as their friends on social media and in online chat rooms. It creates a sense of community within a typical casino environment. Users can even use casino applications on their own devices and integrate loyalty cards and bank cards to create a smooth transition.

Changing the reality of casino games

Virtual reality has been a hot trend for many millennials. Therefore, casinos are using the technology to attract an age group that generally doesn’t gamble as much. Now, people can put on a helmet in their local casino and be transported anywhere in the world. Players can play a game of poker in a world that they created or challenge aliens on Mars. These headsets tap into the mind of a gambler and allow them to be anyone and do anything they want. Not only does it add an element of excitement to casino games, but it also increases playability. When you can change the environment an infinite amount of times, it encourages people to continue to play again and again.

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Using big data to stop hustlers

Big data is being used all around the world and casino managers are taking advantage of it. The average casino digests a lot of information related to security. For example, they track transactions, cheaters, employees, and persons of interest. Now, big data allows security to use software that scans those databases and make sense of relationships that a normal human being might not catch. Therefore, it can identify undetectable relationships between multiple players in a room based on data in their backgrounds. It can help stop hustlers from stealing from the casino and prevent cheaters from counting cards.

The world of gambling is constantly working to keep up with technology. They’ve placed their bets on certain advancements and have definitely won the big bucks.

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