How to convert YouTube video to MP3



More often than not, we fall in love with the tune of a video, not necessarily the video itself. And there are times when downloading the video is not the best option, as it will download so slowly that we can even give up. But if this is the case, why not just have an MP3 of the video? With an appropriate YouTube mp3, you can still enjoy the awesome tunes of the video, by easily converting the video and downloading it faster to your device. But before starting to download, perhaps it is a good idea first to know how to convert YouTube video to mp3. Read out guide:

Choose the best web service for conversion

The best way to convert a video into mp3 is by using a web-based converter. FLVTO is believed to be the best converter, even though you can find many others on the internet to choose from. Among the reasons why web-based converters are seen as the best is because they don’t need much installation processes, neither do they need a lot of time to or expertise to use.

Find the link

Now that you have the converter in place, it is time for you to find that video that you have been yearning to convert and listen to it in mp3 format. After finding the link, you can click on it or open it in a different window. Copy the link and paste it in the area marked as “Insert YouTube link” in the converter. This link is usually tied with a “convert to mp3” tab, which is meant to make your work much easier. Once you have pasted the link, you can safely go ahead and click on “convert to mp3.”

Wait for the YouTube video to convert

After clicking on the convert to mp3 button, you need to give it some time to convert. This might take quite some time, depending on the strength of the internet you are using. However, if you are on a strong internet connection, this should be quite fast, maybe just a few seconds.

Download the mp3 clip

Ones the conversion is complete, you can now download it into your device, whether an Android phone, iPhone, tablet, or computer. You will see a download icon where you can click, and the converted video will be downloaded in an mp3 format.

If after downloading the converted video successfully, you still need another one, just go over the steps highlighted above, and you will have as many videos converted and downloaded as you want them.

There are many benefits of using a YouTube converter to get mp3 clips. Some of them are discussed below:


In most cases, it might take you too long to get your favorite YouTube video converted to mp3. But with a web-based converter, you can easily do this within the shortest time possible.


Think of the amount of bandwidth you will need to convert the video into mp3. It is probably high. Web-based converters are cheap to use, and will only need a small bandwidth.

As an online enthusiast, you do not have to take special online lessons to learn how to convert the video to mp3. The web-based converters do not need any tech-know-how to use it.

Also, the converter will take the downloaded mp3 straight to your device, without requiring to perform any activity.

The benefits of using a web-based YouTube converter are many, and cannot be highlighted here exhaustively. But what is important for you to know is that these types of converters are your best bet.