BuyRentKenya launches ‘Request a Property’ to simplify property search


Kenya’s BuyRentKenya has introduced a new feature called ‘Request a Property.’ to make property search simple and fast in addition to user’s ability to use normal website search on the site. The new feature is specifically targeted at customers looking for specific listings.

“Now property seekers can choose to enter the details of the property they are looking for and have this information immediately available to you,” said the Nairobi-based firm run by Ringier One Africa Media.

To use ‘Request a Property’, a user logs in normally, then clicks on Contacts then ‘Requests.’ The firm adds that the latest requests appear at the top and show the seeker’s contact information as well as what type and the location of property they are interested in.
Click the plus on the left for further information and to create a lead directly from the request. Click the blue search button to automatically filter to your online listings that match the request. Click the white statistics button to see trends and statistics matching the request.
Click the green favorite button to add this request to your list of favourites to follow up on later. Then click ‘Save.’

The premium feature is free for now but clients will start paying for it from 1st September 2018.

In July last year, BuyRentKenya was fully acquired by Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM)  which had earlier acquired assets of One Africa Media in Kenya, Nigeria and several other parts of Africa such as Cheki and BrighterMonday. One Africa Media had a minority shareholding in BuyRentKenya and PrivateProperty South Africa. But PrivateProperty was sold off to Naspers and then BuyRentKenya which had wanted to go private was later absorbed into ROAM.

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Founded in 2012, by Jamie Pujara and Nicolas Adamjee,’s vision is to make property search and listing easier, more credible and more transparent. In the 5 years since the two started, the site has had over 5 million visitors, has partnered with over 500 agencies, listed over 50,000 properties online and raised investment from One Africa Media (OAM) all of which have been significant milestones.