Jumia Kenya is adding Haier’s ‘half-priced MOOKA TV to its portfolio so everyone owns a smart TV


Kenya’s top online store Jumia is adding Haier’s half-priced MOOKA TVs’ to its portfolio, a move that’s expected to see more households in Kenya own TVs and access top educational and inspirational content.

According to Jumia, “Mooka TV is an exclusive customized TV product for Haier. It is created for the needs of users in the internet age and has a distinct internet attribute. This product not only declares that Haier TV is actively creating a two line pattern, but also opens up new ideas for the network transformation of the TV enterprise internet era.”

Haier aims to launch its 32″ and 55″ at Ksh 13,999 and Ksh 45,999 respectively beating its competition by over 50 percent. By signing an exclusive deal with Jumia, Kenyans are expected to even see a much higher price drop than these introductory prices. The TV sets support all basic TV functions such as receiving ground-wave DTV, HDMI, MHL and others. Mooka TVs have received first-class ratings in energy efficiency and cost just half competitors models with similar performance.

MOOKA was first introduced in China in 2014 to meet China’s huge domestic TV demands and quickly became popular due to price, their thinner bezels and durability and have since been sold as a product for young digital savvy consumers.

Founded in 1984, Haier has transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise into a win-win IoT community ecology, leading global companies to take the lead in detonating the Internet of Things economy. In the late 1990s, Haier Group entered “Internationalization Strategy Stage”, in an effort to tap into overseas markets.

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It came up with the “three-step strategy” of “going out, going in and going up”. That is, first gain ground in the traditional major household appliance markets like Europe, USA and Japan by making into the niche markets, then with the advantageous positions obtained in these major markets, rapidly expand the market presence in the developing countries. Next, take to the main channels of local markets with localized products that meet mainstream local user needs, and ultimately become the market leader of high-end and innovative products. Currently, Haier has entered the top ten chain channels in Europe and USA with its markets across over 100 countries and regions. Every minute on average 125 overseas consumers are becoming Haier customers.

In October 2011, Haier announced the acquisition of Sanyo’s white goods business in Japan and Southeast Asia. This multinational acquisition is a milestone event for Haier. It not only intensified Haier’s presence in Southeast Asia, but more importantly, via differentiated cultural integration and mechanism innovation, instilled Haier’s doctrine of “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” to the acquired companies and employees, allowing the integration and development of Haier and Aqua brands in Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. Just one year later, Haier acquired Fisher&Paykel, a New Zealand household appliance leader, and strengthened its competency in R&D and manufacture of high-end household appliances. On June 7th, 2016, Haier Group acquired GE Appliances, making GE Appliances a formal member of Haier.

The firm is present in South Africa and this entry into Kenya will help it make inroads across Africa!