Busy Boda launches to disrupt Kenya’s motorcycle hailing passenger and courier services


Busy Boda is a motorcycle hailing startup which has launched in Nairobi with plans to bring order in this highly informal sector by focusing primarily on making boda boda riders digital entrepreneurs and not just survivors.

Though it’s launching to take on established services such as Taxify Boda, Sendy, Safeboda which launched recently in Kenya and the yet to be launched Uber Bike, Busy Boda says it will focus on both passenger and courier services. In addition to safely carrying passengers, the  professional Busy Boda riders are trained to carry out services such as deliveries of parcels and banking of cheques for the ever-growing business industry.

Busy businesses in Nairobi are constantly in need for documents to be sent, cheques to banked or parcels to be delivered on a motorbike. Busy Boda has the perfect solution. Companies can create a corporate account with Busy Boda and use our courier or passenger services through the mobile application and pay weekly/monthly. This saves businesses the hassle of finding a trusted rider to deliver packages providing a care free solution.

Founded by 20 and 22 year-old siblings Atharva Tembhekar and Vaidehi Tembhekar, Busy Boda is also promising to provide financial planning training to riders so they can manage their money and save money to eventually buy their own motorbikes and grow their business.

“We noticed that a large number of riders did not have a high disposable income to pay for essential services such as insurance, courier licenses etc.” say young entrepreneurs Atharva and Vaidehi Tembhekar. We address this issue by giving riders access to value added services at affordable rates with payment plans in the form of installments.

Vaidehi, who is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Sheffield, and Atharva, who is in his final year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Bath, noticed that boda boda riders were being exploited. They wanted to give back to the community they grew up in. The idea behind this app was to create jobs, empower riders and help them grow into digital entrepreneurs.

“Busy Boda is a platform created to ensure riders don’t spend time waiting for clients at boda boda stages,” Vaidehi told TechMoran. “We want to encourage riders to be busier by doing more trips per day. This will increase their daily income.”

With a team comprising of tech-savvy millenials, Busy Boda says it takes only a small commission from the riders based on whether the ride was a passenger or courier ride.

Following roll out in Nairobi, the short-term goal involves replicating this model in multiple other counties. Today, competition is no longer between products but between business models she said and having radically different business model will help fulfill its long-term goal of expanding services to East Africa and eventually in majority of the African countries.

With its marketing campaign focused on ‘doing more with your day’, Busy Boda says it aims to help users spend less time in traffic and do more with their day and is targeting professionals and the working population who need to rush to meetings amongst other clients.

“We save clients the hassle of walking to a boda boda stage in order to hail a ride. With Busy Boda, the rider is at your doorstep with just a tap of a button. Additionally, we know that no one enjoys spending time negotiating prices of a ride – With our fixed prices, we save you time and money,” she says telling the youth not to wait for a perfect moment to do something but to take a moment and make it perfect.

“GET STARTED,” stress both Vaidehi and Atharva. “Most entrepreneurs are afraid of getting started, they are uncertain about whether their idea will have a successful outcome and they are afraid of what people will say. But if you can overcome this initial hesitation, then overcoming all other obstacles in your way throughout your entrepreneurial journey will become easy, so just get started,” they concluded.