TechWadi & the African Technology Foundation partner to promote tech entrepreneurship in Africa


TechWadi, a Middle Eastern nonprofit entrepreneurial tech development firm has partnered with the African Technology Foundation to further expand its influence in promoting tech entrepreneurship on the African continent.

TechWadi and the African Technology Foundation will facilitate the successful growth of high-impact tech entrepreneurship in the Middle East and Africa. With over 1 billion mobile connections estimated for the African continent by 2020, and a notable 50% YOY growth in African startup funding (2016-2017), it is more evident than ever that the time and efforts invested in the Middle East and Africa will soon yield strong, lasting opportunities to the mutual benefits of all those involved.

Following TechWadi’s mission to foster and grow the MENA’s entrepreneurial tech ecosystem, and the aim of the African Technology Foundation to provide technical support to African entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to market, both organizations will now take advantage of a shared vision and stimulate further technological and economic growth in the regions.

TechWadi will also collaborate with the African Technology Foundation on the upcoming startup launch pad DEMO AFRICA in Morocco (Oct. 18-19, 2018). During this event, TechWadi will join investors, corporate acquirers, global media, and strategic partners (including the US State Dept, the World Banking Group, and Microsoft) to explore the finest in recent African technology, trends, and innovations. With figures boasting 32 startups connected to the Silicon Valley ecosystem, 205 startups launched, and over $65m USD raised (investment + billing), the highlights of the two-day event are sure to reflect the fruitful efforts of entrepreneurs, as well as partners and investors worldwide. TechWadi will join the African Technology Foundation in examining and learning from the innovative ideas presented at DEMO AFRICA and, in turn, build upon an already thriving system in focus regions of the MENA.

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