Intelligent Infrastructure – 5 Ways to Utilize IT to Build a Better Business


Information technology (IT) has grown by leaps and bounds, but not every business is grabbing the opportunities that are presenting themselves with both hands. Rather than rely on the old way of doing things because they “have served you well so far,” why not adopt new techniques and technologies that can transform your business? As a result, you can save money, time, and increase staff productivity. Here’s how:

Leave it in Capable Hands

You may think that Doreen in admin can handle your IT because she once set up a new computer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of relying on your team to manage your major IT problems, it’s a good idea to consider business IT support instead.

Of course, you’re going to have challenges from time to time that your team can handle themselves, but there are going to be equally as many significant problems that require expert assistance to correct. Utilize technology professionals to build a better business for your workers.

Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud-based systems are changing the way in which businesses operate, and it’s all for the better. Rather than work from your individual computers with no one being able to access your work or collaborate with ease, cloud-based systems make your resources a shared pool. You can also minimize your IT costs while benefiting from effortless manageability, less maintenance, and a more self-directed approach to computer use.

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)

Integrated workplace management system software is helping workplaces streamline their processes, cut costs, and improve productivity. While there are several base programs you can use for your business, you can also contact IWMS providers to tailor a program to suit your unique company needs.

IWMS software incorporates your daily activities, work logs, contracts, project management, real-time tracking, transactions, costs, and more. Rather than purchase several different software packages which may not work in unison, you can buy just one and benefit from an entirely customizable piece of software that simplifies every single process in your business.

Time-Tracking Tools

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Are you having problems with productivity in your workplace? It might be time to integrate time-tracking tools. Whether your team isn’t pulling their weight, or you need an accurate gauge of what to charge your customers for your time, time-tracking tools can help.

You can set the timer when you begin a job, press the stop button when you finish, then add on materials and other associated costs. Often, you can also add extra time if necessary, before invoicing the customer directly from this system.

Time tracking tools enable workers that rely on hourly rates, such as contractors and freelancers, to accurately charge out their services and products to customers and get paid what they’re worth.

Video Conferencing Tools

Every year, corporations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel-related expenses such as flights and accommodation. If you installed video conferencing software and hardware into your workplace, you could remove many of these expenses in an instant.

Rather than meet clients in person, you can utilize technology to video call them along with your team. Even though you’re not in the same room as your clients, everyone is together on video, meaning it’s not all that different from a real-life situation.

By incorporating new IT practices, software, and hardware into your business, you can revolutionize every process within your workplace. Employees can work more productively, while IT maintenance costs can plummet. Make a few changes today and get started on the path to a far more streamlined business.