Leads ChatBot is an interactive bot that wants to replace static web forms & boring sales reps


Leads ChatBot, an interactive chat bot developed by Design Pixel and set to go live in a few weeks in Kenya aims to help replace static web forms and boring sales reps who ask the same questions over and over and make the sales process seamless, interactive and effective.

Leads Chatbot collects data from website visitors – 24/7, fully on autopilot and unlike static web forms and sales reps the chatbot aims to help users in building email lists, scheduling appointments, generating leads, collecting feedback, making surveys and much more at a very minimal cost comapred to hiring sales teams and or running social media bots as used by most firms across the globe.

Leads ChatBot believes it’s the best way to convert a website’s visitors into customers by engaging them in a conversation rather than asking them to fill forms.  The startup says using a chatbot would means spending 50% less on sales and small business owners would no longer have to deal with lines of codes to create anything else. The firm says Leads ChatBot  would save users a lot of time, as all they have to do is create a chat widget which supports multiple languages and helps users to easily track their chatbot conversations. The firm says the chatbot also gives users insights on the customer responses received.

Leads ChatBot will be launching in a few days and is now open for beta tests to the first 100 users only who will go on to enjoy a full month free of pro-edition. The bot in also integrated with Messenger, Slack and Wechat Chatbots.