IT Infrastructure: How to Save Money for your Business


When it comes to running a business there are two things at the heart of everything you do; making money, and saving money.

Of course, there are lots of ways to save money when running a business, such as ensuring you have the right accounts, business rates, funding, and credit cards, something that companies like Liberis can help with. But, there’s somewhere else you could be saving money you’ve probably overlooked.

Something all companies would falter without these days is a solid IT infrastructure. Although you may keep it updated constantly, which is key to helping your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible; are you doing everything you can to make your IT infrastructure as cost-efficient as possible?

Below, we highlight a few ways that you can save on yours.

Cloud Computing

In the digital world, cloud computing has been a god send to many. If you haven’t ventured into this area yet, then you should do so as soon as possible.

A great way to cut costs, without losing insights or reducing productivity, you’ll be able to conduct all your work while saving it on to servers in the cloud. This drastically reduces the cost of having huge servers either in the building or elsewhere, and also allows you to work remotely and on the go, as you’ll always have access to important documents.

Software-Defined Integrated Infrastructures

Something else that just makes sense in today’s landscape, these allow flexibility and efficiency by trusting your software to manage all existing resources. They’ll also help provide you with a much more holistic approach to elements of your business, allowing you to save time and money on managing your server, network and storage admin.

Server Modernisation

How long have you been running your business? And in those years, how often have you modernised your servers? If you can’t remember, then you’ll have realised that the ones you’re using are probably getting slower, less safe, and less smart by the day.

By updating to servers powered by virtual machines, you’ll have access to consistent top-notch data centre facilities, which allow for an abundance of space, security, and even scalability.

Network Negotiations

When looking to save money, it usually pays to make an early start in several areas. One of these is to ensure you have enough time to negotiate on any services you purchase to help run your business. If you get in there early, the chances are you’ll be able to negotiate a cheaper rate, which always helps when it comes to areas of IT, as they’re something you rely heavily on.

These are only a few ways that you could modernise your IT infrastructure, and there are many others that haven’t been covered. But as you can see, when it comes to the digital world, the constant advances in technology are making it not only easier, but cheaper, for you to manage a company. Make sure you’re not losing money left, right, and centre and start modernising your business today.