The top 8 tech essentials every small business should invest in


To be successful in your business, you need to have all of the right tools. Equipping yourself with the right tools will be the key to progression and development. Investing in so many pieces of technology may seem like a huge and costly investment, but it will so be worth it in the long run. Technology changes all of the time so you will need to adapt and update equipment when necessary to stay relevant. Maybe have try and win the casino jackpot at Easy Slots to cover some of the costs!

Desktop computer

The desktop is the heart of all business operations no matter what your business does. You don’t necessarily need the latest desktop with all of the cutting edge technology, you simply need a desktop which helps you deal with every day work including word processing, internet access, email and spreadsheets. Not getting the latest Apple desktop may actually be better as you’re less likely to be distracted by the other tools such as the multimedia hub which could become a distraction. Make sure your desktop is easy to use for everyone and has at least a 2GB of memory so it meets the power and pricing requirements for your business.


Mobile phones are also another vital essential for all businesses. Mobile phones have advanced so much over the years, you can now even play mobiles slot games with brands like easyslots. Smartphones provide lots of useful tools from productivity tools to remote-access solutions and can even allow business owners to control all facets if their business from the palm of their hands. There are so many helpful apps too which can help businesses greatly including Skype, Paypal, Xero, Quickbooks, Evernote and Trello.

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It’s always useful to have a laptop as it can be accessed anywhere. You can answer emails on the train or do Skype calls in the local cafe. Having a laptop just makes life a bit easier. The majority of small businesses are likely to take their work home with them whether they catch up on admin in the comfort of their own home over the weekends or take their laptops on holiday to answer any urgent queries. Your laptop should do everything that your desktop does and should have similar processing power and memory. However, it’s not just a desktop alternative, you also need to consider the weight, size, battery life, wireless connectivity and screen dimensions when making the purchase.

Office Suite

Microsoft Office is an absolute essential for any business. It helps you to stay organised as everything remains in one place and also helps you to deliver great customer service. Excel is vital for creating spreadsheets regarding to the financial aspects of your business (recording incomings and outgoings and profits etc) and recording relevant data. PowerPoint is great for creating presentations which are professional and clear and Word is great for creating documents and invoices. You’ll also have access to the office suite solution which integrates email management functions, the calendar and address book.

Accounting software

When it comes to a small business, every penny you make makes a difference. This is why it is so important to keep track of your income, expenditures and customers to get an idea of when money is coming in and when it is going out. To track all of your financial data, you’ll need to have accounting software which can help manage your billing effectively as well as inventory and payroll. You can get basic accounting software for free which is great if you’re just starting out or don’t have much money to spend on your business at the moment. In time, you should invest into software such as QuickBooks Simple Start which has a lot more to offer than the basic versions.

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Portable memory storage

Portable memory storage is another important tool to have. Devices such as USB flash dries and thumb drives allow businesses to run wherever they may be with the promise that their data is secure and their documents, presentations and all other business files are stored safely. If you want a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive hard-disk encryption software, you may want to invest in password-protected flash drives. These can effectively transfer data between computers and can copy information for partners and employees so that they can be gained at a later date.



Not many customers flick through the Yellow Pages to find business information these days. Alternatively, they rely on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you don’t have a presence online, how does your business exist? Your website is like an online version of your business card. It provides customers with essential information about what you do, who to contact, where you’re based an what hours you operate. It also portrays an image of you’re business. First impressions certainly do matters so you want your website to be clean, professional and to show the personality of your business message. If you don’t know how to create the website yourself, hire a web designer who can make the website look sophisticated for you.

Social media profile

As well as having a professional website, it’s also essential to create a great online presence. You need to have social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest which all have the same vibe as your website. Social media channels provide a space to convey messages about upcoming deals, events and important information. It’s also a great way to communicate directly with customers (particularly customer service). It’s also a good way of promoting your goods and services for free and just one tweet or post could potentially reach thousands, if not millions. Shorter messages work best as no-one can be bothered or has the time to read through a lengthy post. It’s also a good idea to add in an eye-catching picture with the small text which promotes what you’re trying to sell or what service you’re providing. Social media makes a great marketing tool.

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