Truehost cloud launches in Nigeria to help startups get into the cloud


 Truehost Cloud, a cloud hosting firm with East African roots has launched in Nigeria to help startups get into the cloud at an affordable fee in a move bound to shake up the country’s web hosting and cloud computing services.  

Truehost Cloud’s Nigerian operations, which will be led by Eng. Fred Asowata will offer web hosting services, dedicated and cloud servers, SSL certificates and domain registration services to serve the country’s blossoming startup ecosystem then expand into the greater West Africa region.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Truehost Cloud became one of the first cloud companies to offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for a lifetime to her clients in Nigeria, Kenya and other markets.

Speaking to TechMoran, Truehost CEO Jacob Mugendi said, “Our goal is to make the Internet African, and ensure that Africans are not missing out on the ongoing information revolution. We consider cloud presence to be an enabling platform, and a major tool to position anybody to make an impact in the world. If our fellow Africans don’t have this competitive advantage, we might end up lagging behind globally in the next one or two centuries.”

With operations in East Africa, Truehost Cloud seeks to get more people in Africa to access and use cloud services, by offering free web hosting and free SSL certificates to a number of lower end users. This revolutionary step has led to thousands of people having a platform to air their voices online, do business, and maintain a web presence.

Truehost Cloud’s Marketing Executive Ann told TechMoran that while free hosting translates to some loss of revenue, especially from the customers who are able and willing to pay but opt to use the free service, this is a small problem compared to the big picture.

“Our focus is to empower people, and our operations are centered on building trust and relationships. Some of the users on free hosting come to test our service, and once they realize that they are as good as they can get from Amazon and Hostgator, and even better than, they end up upgrading to premium services,” she said.

Truehost runs in several Data Centers in both Africa and Europe, powered by the cloud computing firm CloudPap. The company aims to offer the zero latency SSD cloud services all across Africa, to make the African continent compete favorably with the rest of the world.  

Africa continues to lag behind due to high latency associated with serving content from Europe. This makes it hard for people like gamers to compete effectively from the African continent, and thus the under developed gaming industry. This also affects other collaborative services such as research and teleconferencing.