Where Sports, Business and Tech Meet: The Top Instances


Sports, business and technology, have had a tremendous impact on we live our daily lives. When we look at the world of sports as a business, the numbers are startling. For instance, in 2017 the Dallas Cowboys were the most valued team with a net worth of $4.2 billion. A team like the Yankees had the highest number of sponsorships. They had a revenue which was set at $130 million.  Even when it comes to things like online betting, new players like the Betway mobile app are ensuring that sports, business and technology stay together.

The most valuable sports teams in that year were worth $2.4 billion. This can be attributed to factors such as relocation and new stadiums. Teams are using a lot of money to ensure there are connectivity and convenience to the stadiums.

Al Guido, the President of the 49ers, is one of the sports billionaires.  He built one of the unique tech savvy stadiums for his team. The stadium seats more than 65,000 fans.

The Levi Stadium hosted the SuperBowl 50 in 2016. In that same year, the stadium was voted as the best stadium in the world.

The stadium is so big that hosting more than 65,000 people before a game can be a hassle. For this reason, they have incorporated IoT sensors, beacons and mobile apps which have improved the whole experience.  Fans have easier access to purchasing parking tickets digitally; they navigate to their seats easier and securing fans.

Consequently, in 2017, the Levi stadium collected an estimate of $458 million, primarily because of adoption of new forms of technology.

The Staples stadium is home to four teams: the Clippers, the Lakers, the Sparks and the Kings. In a year, it is estimated there are 140 matches in the stadium.

It not only hosts some of the biggest sports teams, but superstars such as Taylor Swift, Adele and Barbara Streisand have also played there.

The growth of the stadium has been attributed to the different price strategies. But selling tickets to such a crowd is not that easy. However, with a data management platform, the stadium connects all the siloed data either offline or online. In the long run, they can manage their ticket prices.

Esports has also been making headlines in the business industry. Video games are not just a form of entertainment but people are using it as a platform to earn money.

For example, in 2015  a total of $46 million was given out as prize money. The University of Chicago and the University of Pikeville were the first universities to incorporate esports in their athletics program. Furthermore, they have scholarships to the esports program.


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