7 Instagram tips to grow your business


As far as your online audience is concerned, all your business is, is a selection of social media accounts. And, unless you communicate with your audience effectively and convert them to customers, a group of social media accounts is all your business will remain to such a crowd. Luckily, social media channels have never been more tailored to business owners and on Instagram in particular, there are varies ways to help your business grow and get more interactions, followers and above all, customers. Don’t forget for some extra fun you can deposit to play slots at Slots Baby.

But the process is more complex than simply just setting up an account and posting iPhone photography. You need strategy, planning, organisation and dedication to get the most out of Instagram and without such traits, your page can get lost in the millions of accounts already out there.

Here are 7 tips to ensure that this doesn’t happen, with advice on how to grow your business with Instagram.

  1. Get your handle right

Starting at the very beginning, the username or handle you choose when setting up your account is crucial. And don’t worry, even with an already up and running account, you can edit your Instagram user name within the settings.

What you want is something that looks clean and concise on the screens of your potential suitors and this involves shorter usernames that represent your business. Also, look to avoid alternative spellings of your business name and the addition of punctuation or numbers if your desired username is taken. These will only become confusing for people who may wish to tag you.

If you’re really struggling to find a name that’s not taken, it’s better to add something like ‘gram’ or ‘insta’ to your username, rather than numbers which people won’t find when using the in-app search bar.

  1. Choose a business account

For no extra charge, your account can become a business account. This means you can have email and other contact buttons on your profile, whilst stats are collected and displayed in your Instagram app too.

These will reflect your audience interactions, growth of followers, audience locations, audience age and more. With such tools at your disposal for free, you’d be silly not too utilise the business side of Instagram.

  1. Consistent posting

The point of social media is that it’s around the clock and easily updated. With this is in mind, don’t let your Instagram feed go quiet. If possible, try and get at least one post out per day that either represents news for your business or is something that your desired demographic will appreciate.

On the other hand, don’t bombard your followers either. Too many posts will affect your algorithm, lower the amount of average like and see you less likely to appear up high on your followers’ timelines. It’s better to be consistent with one or two posts per day than it is to go crazy on one day and quiet on another.

  1. Don’t forget stories

On the occasions where you don’t have something obvious to post, don’t forget to use the Instagram Story function. Made up of 15 second video clips or photos, these are another instant way to connect with your audience.

As mentioned, these are especially useful when you’ve got nothing to post on the feed. A story will pop you back up on the timeline of your followers and keep you relevant until you do have something to share.

  1. Tailor your posts to the platform

Whether it’s for the square format of an Instagram feed post or the ‘iPhone-sized’ format of an Instagram Story, tailoring your photo and video sizes to scale is an effective tool.

Especially in the story function, editing a video to fit that portrait smartphone size looks extremely professional and yet, with not many other people doing it, it helps your post stand out as one that’s particularly well crafted. Just like at slotsbaby.com/all-games their games for smartphone and desktop, you need to be versatile with your content.

The same goes with the length of such video, too. Not in terms of dimensions but in terms of duration. You only get one minute of a video clip for the feed and fifteen seconds for the story, so don’t have your videos overrunning and getting cut off – it looks messy. With editing software like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, you can cut such videos precisely to wear you want them to end and begin.

  1. ‘Link in bio’

Instagram doesn’t let you post links. With this in mind, don’t fall into the trap of posting a YouTube link or URL into your caption. What you can do, though, is post a link in your biography on the settings of your profile. Then, what you need to do is point your audience towards that link by using a smart post and caption.

Rather than posting a messy link which you can’t actually click on, keep your captions clean and simple by telling people to find the ‘link in bio.’ Everyone’s doing on Instagram and by not playing on, you’re missing out on potential traffic to your site. Don’t be afraid to regular update and change the URL that you’ve got in your bio, either.

  1. Interact with other users

Although you may feel like the most important business on Instagram and as though your app is only made for getting the best out of the social media channel in line with your own interests, there are millions of other users out there.

Also, many of them are other businesses trying to make their mark, too. Don’t think that supporting them with a like or occasional comment is admitting defeat to them, though. People with a similar desired audience as you will appreciate your posts and vice-versa, so show them some love and hope for some in return.

Even without likes and comments in return, your page is going to be showing up on their posts, too, and this alone is a effective way to grow your own followers. It’s called ‘social media’ for a reason, so don’t be shy out there.