Online Gaming: How to Play Smarter


Today it is rather difficult to believe that 20 years ago, players from all over the world only dreamed about the opportunity to play a slot machine at home. For many, such an idea was a real fantasy. However, in our time the game of favorite gambling, without leaving home, no one surprises. Modern slots online – this is a real gift for everyone who loves exciting slot machines.

Now the player does not need to go to another city or even to another region in order to test his luck. Playing online slots is saving time, money and nerves. You do not need to wait for the queue in a real casino in order to play a certain slot machine. You do not need to pay a tip to the casino staff or pay an expensive hotel room. All you need is a computer, an electronic wallet and a desire to win. Free slots to play offline are available 24 hours a day and open their doors to everyone. Of course, slot machines are considered one of the most profitable gambling. This is not surprising: simple rules, high payments and additional opportunities – all this is a huge plus. In interesting and gambling slots to play for free and at the same time many people want to win.

However, not all players manage to beat the slot machine. Quite often beginning players lose all their money and remain with nothing. What is the reason for such a pattern and is it possible to beat a modern slot machine online? Professional players advise: for an advantageous game in online slots you need a thoughtful tactic.

The correct choice of a slot – is the determining factor

Here everything depends on individual preferences. It is worth knowing that the chance of a gambler to win is directly proportional to the percentage of payments from the gaming machine. What does it mean? In each machine there is a certain percentage of the payback of the establishment. The balance goes to the winnings of customers. If the percentage of casino profits is 2%, and the player has invested 100 rubles in the machine, then 98 sooner or later should return. It’s just him, or someone else – a big question. Another factor to consider is the existence of a progressive jackpot. When it is available, it means that the payout percentage is slightly lower, because the jackpot is also formed from the invested money (this is a small percentage of each individual bet of all casino players). If the player does not believe in his ability to become the owner of the jackpot – do not scare away the luck bird, it is better to go to other machines.

In addition, slot machines vary depending on the frequency of payments, even if they contain the same percentage of casino profits. One slot will give money often, but it will be small amounts. Another less – but in large. Player preferences are usually individual.

Without a specific game system, it will be difficult to play smarter

  • First, before you start the game, determine your limit, how much you can afford to lose without much damage to your budget. When the amount of loss runs out of the whole limit, get distracted, if you lose everything today, tomorrow there will not be anything to play;
  • Secondly, before you start the game, look around, do not pounce on the first free slot machine. In this game, it is very important to know the probability of winning a particular gaming machine. The tip here is the casino winnings table. Look for “your” machine – the one that has not less than 95% of the size of the winnings. To stretch the pleasure of the game, it’s better not to play the $ 20 machine, but to the one where the unit of calculation is $ 1, this is especially true if the loss limit is not very high, thus, the chances of winning increase, because the rate does not depend on the possibility win. The machines do not have a relationship between how much money has already been lost and how much is won. If a particular machine can not win, then it makes sense to change it to another gaming machine;
  • Earnings on the first seven spins. The essence of this tactic is as follows: you start the game in the slot and finish it exactly seven spins. On the one hand, this game system seems absurd, because it’s pretty silly to start the game and then finish it. However, on the other hand, this tactic has a simple explanation. The first seven spins are most often the most profitable. It’s very simple: each slot is programmed in a certain way. Purpose: to attract the attention of the new player. And it is possible to do this only with large gains. The disadvantage of this tactic is the fact that you can not win large sums;
  • And yet such a moment, if you feel that the game is going well and the winnings are floating in your hands with each next game, then boldly raise the stakes, otherwise, with a turn of losses, it’s better to lower the bets. Play only those games that you know well and feel confident in the game;
  • You can not win every game in slots. If you feel that you can not stop, then you should think about going to a specialist. And, no matter how funny it is, do not forget to take your winnings, such cases are very common.

People come to various online casinos in order to have fun and have a good time, if there is no mood and get no pleasure from the game, it’s better to leave and do something else. Excessive excitement and bad mood can prevent you from tune in to the game and win. Remember, in addition to winning, the game should still bring pleasure.