The 8 apps you need as a small business owner


How do you manage to run a small business around a busy lifestyle? The answer is to download these great 8 apps so you can do as much as you can when you’re on the go. Answer emails immediately, share posts on social media, look for new contacts and stay organised with these helpful apps. With these apps, you can work from your phone on a flight, train journey and even on your lunch break if you have another job. As a small business owner, you want to up your game with social media, promote your services/products as much as possible, find new clients or customers and respond to queries quickly and these apps help you to do just that. Downloading these apps will also make you so much more organised as everything is all in one place and literally all at your fingertips. Meaning you have more time for the funner things in life like playing at top-rated online casinos.


If you’re a small business owner, you must have a voice on every platform. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. All may not be necessary to download as an app on your phone, so make sure to do your research to see which platform your audience is more likely to be on. For example, if you’re business is more visual (such as selling clothes) and aimed at millennials, then Instagram would be the best for you. All of these social media apps are great for sharing your latest work, promoting your business, chatting to other small business owners and getting advice. Downloading social media apps onto your phone means that you can share a quick tweet or post a photo of your latest product on Instagram wherever you are, whether that be on the train or sitting in your garden when you want a break from the big screen.


The LinkedIn app is a must for business owners. Here you can get quick access to resources and helpful articles filled with tips which are relevant to your business sector. There are currently over eighteen million presentations, infographics and videos to access from top professionals in a variety of professions. When you’re in need of some quick motivation and inspiration, open up the app and have a little read. It’s also great for keeping in touch with old clients, as well as clients which you may have just met at a networking event. The app allows you to reach out to potential new clients or employees.


Keep a tab on all incomings and outgoings with the Xero app. This will make filling in your tax return a whole lot easier. The app connects directly to your bank account meaning all transactions go straight to the accounting software. The accounting dashboard gives you an insight into your business financials. You’ll see bank balances in real time, bills, expense claims and invoices. Xero also provides access to free 24/7 email and online support so that you can get the most out of your experience. This app is especially handy if you travel a lot for your work.


Downloading an email app is vital for business. Write new emails and reply to emails easily with the Gmail app. If you’re on a long journey, it’s a good idea to sit through and respond to emails as this is a fairly easy (yet mundane) task to do. If you don’t have time to thoroughly write out an important email, then simply write a few key words and save it in your drafts so that you remember to do this when you get back home or to the office. The app also notifies you when you get an email so that you can respond as quickly as possible which is important for small businesses so that you come across as professional, reliable and organised.


The Paypal mobile app allows you to send money anywhere around the world within a matter of seconds. You can also manage the ways you spend, receive and save your money easily. This app is the easiest way to manage and move your money with ease and maximum security. Business Paypal also allows you to accept online payments, create and email online invoices, sell internationally and accept card and contactless payments.


Are you somebody who loves lists and taking notes? Evernote is an app which helps you to stay organised, so it’s worth downloading to keep all of your business in order. It’s an organiser and planner all in one where you can take notes, create to-do lists, handwrite notes, scan documents with your camera and make sketches. You can even edit and share your notes with other people. No matter where you are, you can write down quick notes. Maybe an idea springs to mind of what product you would like to launch next or maybe you need to write a note of a client’s details or jot down a reminder to phone someone.


If you work from home or in an office and want to communicate with people from across the country, then you need to download Skype. Have meetings from your home via a Skype call or via video chat. If you’re expanding your business, you could even carry out interviews over Skype to get the best candidate for the role. Skype can be downloaded on your computer, mobile or tablet so you can literally stay in touch from anywhere. You can even have group chats and invite several people in on a video call which is great for those bigger team meetings.


Keep your business and life organised with the Calendly app. Calendly is an online scheduling app which is perfect for scheduling your days and adding important dates into your calendar. Schedule everything from lunch breaks, to online slot breaks on Mega Reel, appointments with your accountant and business meetings. Scheduling appointments and meetings couldn’t be easier with Calendly. It works with other apps including Google and Outlook to ensure that you’re never double booked and you can set buffer times between meetings to prevent any last minute meetings.