7 Impactful Web Design Trends For 2018


You have to admit that the digital world is continually evolving. Aside from the massive impact brought about by the rise of social media, a lot of mix and matches are coming out for web designs that will surely demand a better experience for all types of business.

The web design experts claim, considering the reality that when you have a business no matter how small or big, a good way to make it into a success is to include, develop, and build a website for it. However, building a proper website doesn’t just end by introducing your products and services.

Hence, choosing the latest and trendy landscape for your web design should promote an incredible customer relationship. If you’re looking for a great web design that’s a sure hit in the market, these trending points and tips will help.

Deliberately Crafted Typography

Admit it or not, carefully choosing your website fonts will surely catch the interest of every website visitor you have. The evolution and diversity of fonts in web designs is impactful to all of your prospective customers at any given time and situation.

More Innovative Formatting

Formatting in web design refers to your exploration of colors and patterns. When you choose the type of web formatting, it should be engaging and dynamic. Always take advantage of an updated CSS grid and explore available operating systems which gives an on-point layout.

Fiery Colors and Bolder Gradients

Choosing colors will always be a basis for all web designers to show their creativity. Pantone and Ultraviolet colors will give a trendy vibe for your website as this would establish an eye-catching and vivid design.

Shadows and Depth

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Due to the diversity of the digital world when it comes to graphics display, a drop shadow will give a massive impact to your website. Drop shadow is a technique wherein designers would try to achieve a more natural way of shadowing. Obtaining a more natural shadow is working on the image depth rather than overwhelming it.

Geometric Elements

Due to the complexity of the digital world, people nowadays tend to experience nostalgia. On the other hand, because of the more complex geometric elements that a website has, the more people become interested in it. These geometric elements come in every shape and size that a designer can work with.

Website’s Micro-Interactions

Interactivity is a strong trend that is favorable for any business. Consider creating micro-interactions on your website will surely be a hit for your customers in any given market. This website micro-interaction refers to subtle animations you include that may convey a more immersive and interactive dialogue between the visitor and your website.

Master Wide-screen and Mobile Designs

Since most of us are living in a digital world and wanted everything to work on the go, mastering wide-wide screen means being able to access your website’s information using mobile devices. Make your design more dynamic, so it can work and look the same when visitors use a mobile phone.


We are in the last quarter of this year but the evolution of Web design is continually happening. Therefore, your goal of achieving an impactful web design should rely on the trendy tips listed above and a question “Does it keep my site visitors interest and capture their attention?” You decide.