How PesaPal’s Mobile PoS Solution Sabi is Powering Mobile, Card & Cash Payments for Merchants


The Ministry of ICT is currently working with other relevant stakeholders to develop a National Addressing System, (NAS), to name and number streets, buildings and parcels of land to facilitate easy identification, location and access to such places on the ground in a move to boost e-commerce in the country.

As the ministry works on geographical mapping, several firms have been working on the local payments infrastructure for years as Kenyans turn to online shopping. One of this firms is PesaPal, an online payment system that allows buyers to pay for goods and services online via mobile money and credit cards.

Founded in may 2010, and dubbed as Africa’s PayPal, PesaPal also works with banks, Mobile Network Operators and payment card firms to give consumers as many payment options as possible and has in the past launched products such as SchoolPay, to allow parents pay for their kids school fees from their comfort of their homes; Ticketsasa, an online ticketing platform helps event organizers accept payments days before the event itself and its payment gateway that allows individuals and businesses to hold money, pay for bills, utilities, pay school fees, buy event tickets, pay for your online shopping, and also buy airtime electronically. the PesaPal eWallet also helps users deposit money and pay for bills minus their credit or debit card details for safety. Businesses enjoy PesaPal’s online payments and point-of-sales both online and offline.

Another revolutionary product is its hotel booking system dubbed Reserveport which offers hotels a one stop customizable booking portal which is designed to integrate with the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) to ensure that online-bookings are coordinated with the hotels’ capacity in real-time. This means that even daily administration functions such as inventory management are also factored into the platform. Reserveport also allows for Social Media integration where customers can make direct bookings via social media.

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Recently, Pesapal integrated Visa on Mobile (mVisa) to reach over 21,000 merchants in Kenya. Integrating Visa on Mobile enabled it to empower merchants to accept cards both online and at the point of sale. Sabi support mVisa, M-PESA and American Express payments.

The eight year old firm hasn’t stopped innovating, late last year, Pesapal launched Sabi, a mobile PDQ and Point of Sale solution for businesses which has so far signed up 1000 merchants in the country. Pesapal Sabi, the first all-in-one mobile point of sale solution in town allowing mobile, card, cash and credit payments has been targeted at merchants in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to help process card payments more efficiently.

According to the firm, Sabi is able to process Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards in both local currencies and US dollars. The card payments are processed over Bluetooth connections via Sabi mPOS terminals which are portable and can process over 250 transactions on a single charge. PesaPal says the terminals can process both chip and pin payments and NFC contactless payments allowing business owners to view their transaction histories and issue receipts to their clients via the Android Sabi app.

Sabi makes it possible for merchants in the informal sector to accept all types of payments by just simply signing up for a business account and sign a merchant contract on After agreeing to the terms, they will head to purchase a mobile Sabi terminal to enable them start transacting within 24 hours. This gives merchants the freedom to pay using Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, with receipts sent via email or text and merchants can carry do business anywhere as Sabi terminals are mobile and all one needs is an Android smartphone.

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To try Sabi, a merchant simply places an order for a terminal, registers for a business account, signs a merchant contract and add bank account then sets up branches and cashiers to enable one to track and record all their Sabi transactions. You then head to the Google Playstore to download Sabi from the Android Google PlayStore and start accepting card payments.

Pesapal Sabi Mobile app is multi-currency and allows users a user to accept both local currency in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania or USD transactions to those who prefer. For mobile traders, Sabi has a long battery life and lasts more than 24 hours when fully charged with an ability to do 200+ transactions. For merchants with huge inventories, Sabi allows for payment tracking and record keeping to help cashiers specify exactly what a customer is paying for to make it possible for the accounts team to reconcile at the end of the month.