Andela’s first set of developers complete their four-year fellowship


Andela today celebrated the first set of developers to have completed their four-year Fellowship and are expected to join global and local companies, start their own ventures, or take senior developer roles at Andela in its mission to build the next generation of tech leaders in Africa.

According to Dr. Omobola Johnson, Senior Partner at TLcom and Board member of Andela, “Andela has cemented its position as the company that invests in Africa’s most talented software engineers, and I am proud to be celebrating the Fellows’ commitment and successes after four years of hard work. The eighteen developers who have completed their Fellowship should be really proud of themselves; I’m excited and eagerly looking forward to seeing them flourish in their tech careers. You are the proof of the Andela narrative that brilliance is evenly distributed.”

Andela takes the developers though a rigorous technical leadership program, acquiring management experience and technical expertise in software languages such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python, Ruby, and React Native, amongst others. They’ve worked as full-time team members with global companies like Viacom, Github, InVision, and Wema Bank’s ALAT, via Andela’s distributed work model.

Nadayar Enegesi, Andela Co-Founder & Director of Launchpad says: “Over the past four years, Andela developers have played a pivotal role in building technology communities across Africa and we are excited to see our early cohorts start on the next stage of their journey.”

“We’ve created a program, Launchpad, to help developers navigate their next steps and prepare them to be fully immersed as key players in the tech ecosystem. Our mission has always been to build a network of world class technology leaders on the African continent, and now that we’re launching our first set of Andela alumni, this is the crucial moment in the company’s history where we see our mission and values manifest across Africa. Life at Andela does not end after four years; we are a family; we are bound together on this journey to bring African engineering excellence to the global market.”

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Launched in 2014 to combat the global technical talent shortage by investing in Africa’s most talented software developers, Andela has launched centres in Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda, and soon Kigali, Rwanda. Andela has hired the top 0.7% [700+ developers] of more than 75,000 applicants to work as full-time engineers with global companies including Viacom, Gusto and GitHub.