4 Simple Tests Your Business’ Site and Brand Should Be Able to Pass with Flying Colors


Be honest: how many business sites do you come across that make you cringe?

Maybe it’s poor design. Perhaps their on-site content is stuffy or they do a poor job of communicating what they do.

Now, ask yourself: how do you know that you aren’t being lumped into the same category with your own site?

It’s a sobering question for business owners who simply assume that their site is on the up-and-up. Yet especially if you’re struggling with leads or traffic, such symptoms can be telling as to whether your site needs a quick tune-up.

Thankfully, figuring out the weak points of your brand online doesn’t have to be rocket science. It simply requires a few quick “tests” that require to look at your site in the eyes of an outsider.

The following four tests are fair game for figuring out whether or not your site is compelling enough to drive clicks and contacts from your visitors.

Is It Something People Have Seen Before?

With so many businesses relying on templates and creatives they can just plug in and churn out, you might be surprised at how many seemingly identical businesses there are.

That’s why anything you can do from a creative standpoint to stand out is a plus. Whether it’s your color scheme, site design or company logo, you need to make the most of the seconds you have to win someone over.

“Think of how you make snap judgments at a glance,” notes John Williams of

FlashMarks. “That’s how people form their first impression of you and your business. When people glance at your logo, they see you.”

Do Your Content and Copy Make Sense?

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This might seem like a no-brainer, but consider how you might be going over the heads of your potential customers.

Lofty language and industry jargon may make you seem like an expert, but what does it mean for your target audience? Rather than worry solely about looking professional, consider the importance of being approachable via language.

A smart first step toward doing so is by making your content more readable. Some tips for improving your content’s readability score include…

  • Using shorter sentences
  • Putting the thesaurus away: choose words that are simple enough to understand for someone who is still in school
  • Relying on imagery and video to illustrate you written points and ultimately make your site more scroll-friendly

The last point is critical given the fact that so many visitors today simple glance through sites. If you have any doubts about how your site looks on-the-go, running a mobile friendliness test can give you peace of mind.

Is It Easy To Get in Touch?

This is another big one that’s easy to overlook.

If you hide your business’ contact information, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. That’s why having multiple points of contact is a smart move, integrating options that go beyond a contact page.

Whether it’s live chat, an “email us” homepage widget, or plastering your social channels on your site footer, making yourself as available as possible is a huge plus.

Are You Giving People a Reason to Care About You?

Remember that there’s more to your business site that just, well, business.

And your site should be able to communicate that without fail.

People need an emotional stake in the companies that they support. Whether it’s photos of your team, customer stories or your own company tale, a human touch is a must-have. Providing customers with a sort of “so what” beyond the dollar sign will immediately set you apart from competitors.

If you’re second-guessing whether or not your business’ site is sending the right message, look no further than these quick “tests.” Although assessing your site objectively might seem easier said than done, it’s a worthwhile exercise to guarantee your brand makes perfect sense to your prospects.


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