Easily hide Bitcoin Cash in pictures with the new Pixel Wallet App


Since the last upgrade Bitcoin Cash went through last May, there have been some major developments in this sector. The latest news has stirred a lot of excitement among Bitcoin Cash users. A new SPV client was launched about a week ago under the name Pixel Wallet. By itself, this news is not too exciting as users can manage their funds by using a big number of wallets.

What makes the Pixel Wallet so exciting?

The fact that this is the first wallet in the world where users can send funds simply by sending a picture. That’s right, you can send any kind of picture you want and the wallet will hide the cash into the picture itself. This novelty allows for an even bigger anonymity when managing your Bitcoin Cash transactions.

How do I use the Pixel Wallet?

The application is currently available for all Android devices and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. Once you find the wallet all you need to do is download it to your mobile device. After opening the app a wallet is automatically created. Before you start using the wallet you will need to load it with some cash.

The wallet comes with a Bitcoin Cash address where you can send some cash. When you hit the send button in the wallet the phone will access your camera. Here you can take a picture of anything you want and the Bitcoin Cash will be embedded in the picture. Send the picture via messenger or email and you can close the app.

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In order for the user to receive the funds…

…he will need to download the picture and open the Pixel Wallet. From within the wallet, he can decrypt the image by using his password and extract the funds. The app is fairly easy to use and is sure to become a big hit among Bitcoin Cash users.

Thoughts on the Pixel Wallet

The one detail which makes the Pixel Wallet such an attractive feature is simply the fact that it’s the first of this kind. Attaching BCH in a stenographic fashion to a picture and using that picture to send funds all over the world has never been done before.

But like any new feature on the market…

…the app is not without glitches. The designers will need to work through them in order to create a more stable product. But then again this is expected with beta releases and we are sure the small glitches will be resolved in the near future.

For now…

…the code behind the Pixel Wallet is not open source so users won’t be able to know how everything operates. This is why it’s always a good idea to test the Pixel Wallet for yourself and only then decide if you want to continue using it or not.

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