Nigeria’s Suapp, a peer-to-peer idea sharing platform launches a crowdsale raise funding


 SUAPP, a peer-to-peer idea sharing platform that you have never heard of has launched a crowdsale to raise funding to build its blockchain-based student sharing platform.

Targeted at students around Africa, the platform aims to be an education platform that rewards users when they share unique ideas. The project will promote the sharing of ideas around Africa and will provide students with reward tokens when they contribute to the network. SUAPP allows students to share ideas and data between various networks.


Oluwasegun Fashola, the founder and CEO of SUAPP says the goal of SUAPP is to produce a decentralized idea sharing environment where students can share ideas and stay motivated to learn. SUAPP helps students to develop skills towards their economic growth. The program will bring more economic value to Africa and will encourage African youths to share their ideas with each other. The goal is to give kids the ability to stand up and show how strong they are in today’s economic and global climate.

Not sure why this students can’t share ideas over Facebook, SUAPP says students can share information on different subjects and content through the SUAPP platform to support each other. The poorly designed site for SUAPP has a lot of information but gives any investor a redflag of some sort. SUAPP app has been in development since the early part of 2018 and is expected to be tested during the first quarter of 2019. The team says the smart contract design for SUAPP has been in production for much of the year based on Ethereum.

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The Ethereum-based token is available with a minimum investment of $10 required. 100 billion SUP tokens will be available to buyers. There does not appear to be any limits over how much a person has to spend to get these tokens ready.

People can use Ethereum or Bitcoin payments to cover the cost of the tokens they wish to acquire. The crowdsale will end on November 15. The setup ensures that people can get their tokens for the platform as soon as possible.